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Saturday, 26 January 2019


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I thought The Telegraph is now owned by the Trinity Mirror Group?

If Diane Abbott gets hold of Melania's lawyers, this blog better start issuing fulsome apologies.

Given the Donald's love of spraying things with gold paint, we can only hope Melania doesn't end like a Bond girl:

Bob, there is nothing for me to apologise for in, er, 'respect' of Ms. Diane Abbott.

Trump wouldn't dare, dammit, he would have me to answer to!

When she divorces him, and she will when all the contracts are up, we will learn a whole lot more. Right now she is playing her role and doing it very nicely.
We know that she tells fibs, including her supposed proficiency in around six languages. I've heard her speak in a couple of these languages and proficient she ain't.
Still, we live in fascinating times and every day is interesting in one way or another.

David, glad you're up to being so feisty. I'd pay real money to see you interrogate Trump, assuming you could find a way not to be 'dissuaded' by the Secret Service.

The incessant anti Trump media from the USA,UK and EU is something to behold. I hope the man Fooks them all. Sorry for the mild language.

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