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Wednesday, 30 January 2019


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According to his Wikipedia entry, his grandfather was a staff officer in a Panzer Corps. That seems to set the pattern for ruthless expansionism while not actually risking one's neck.

The Selmayr - Juncker relationship brings to mind the Uriah Heep and Mr Wickfield characters in David Copperfield. A scheming, obsequious slimeball keeping his boss permanently pissed.
In fact Selmayer sounds like a suitable name for a Dickens' character.
Or perhaps a Harry Potter villain.

Firstly, if Selmayr brings about a no deal Brexit then good. Not because we're better off without a trade deal, we're not, but because any deal negotiated by the current bunch of incompetents would be bound to put Britain at a serious disadvantage for decades.
Secondly I trust that post Brexit the EU ambassador to the UK will be treated with the same deference as the EU ambassador to Washington currently is.

Here's how to get your revenge on Selmayr as said by me 2 1/2 years ago and ever since ... better late than never DT ...


For goodness sake, 'SoD', nobody wants "revenge" on the EU, we just want to depart because we now realise after God knows how long that we should never have joined in the first place!

Just as the resistance forces in the EU build up a head of steam to change the direction of the EU from federacy to confederacy ...

... Blighty does a runner - the DT.

Sound familiar?

You might have heard it 2 1/2 years ago and ever since on D&N - but not from the DT.

Better get back in there so as not to miss the victory parade - 1944 was pushing it but acceptable, but leave this one much later and there'll be no victory cakes left at the street party.


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