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Sunday, 13 January 2019


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"I was worried that perhaps the 'softie, inclusive brigade' might have got to them but no, all the recruits were treated with equal amounts of total shit!"
A friend was a senior officer concerned with officer training in one of the services. He retired early because he felt that too many allowances were being made to comply with political correctness.

Dr. Watson was and is right and will continue to be right. So much so that what he is right about can not be allowed to be true by the PC culture minders. It is not just Africa.

The PC crowd are advancing a dangerous notion of Radical Egalitarianism. It flies in the face of human experience. This notion is so bad it does not even rise to the level of 'wrong'.

The Jannie:

I heard something similar when I was subcontracted to work with sailors at Portsmouth. They said that discipline was traditionally delivered with astonishingly creative abuse focused upon race, sex, sexual preference, and disability. That had been discontinued, courtesy of the PC Brigade. But the brightest disciplinarians still managed to deliver blistering salvoes which cleverly avoided the proscribed words.

Can't say where boats are concerned but as a Section Head (parts of a navy division) I once[?] had the pleasure of leading the "activities/entertainment" committee for an event scheduled for 'three days after, whenever the [hell] it is the Admiral manages, we dock.'

Wracking what passed as my mind then I set to deciding whether darts or horseshoes would be the more entertaining when my Second suggested I 'do a poll' and lo the heavens parted. (Similarly as did the thighs of #1 listed on all the slips I'd collected in response.)

And all these years later I wish to extend my sincere Thank Yous Very Much to the management & staff of JoLo's - working with, especially the staff, couldn't have gone off much sweller!

(And in case any y'all are readers of D&N now - Sorry, I couldn't get the regs-board to go along with my unit citation recommendation.)

Thank you, JK, you are a No.1 obfuscator of the first order but I think we get the picture!

The problems the British Armed Forces recruiters have is obesity and young people being brought up by well heeled Liberal hypocritical families who have benefitted from the British economic system but want others to defend their status. My three older brothers did their National Service without complaint. I volunteered to serve and would again if the magic pill was invented. We must give eternal gratitude to the Paras for their D Day actions at Benouville Bridge and holding the line in the bitter fight that ensued almost 75 years ago.

You remember dear old Brian - "Brickie" - and his sea-farin' Navy days stories, Gaffer?

He had a choice phrase to sum up taking the edge off the gaps between onshore visits: "Rum, bum, and baccy".

He also described a glorious bravado initiation ceremony called "Flaming arseholes". You clenched a rolled newspaper between your buttocks while someone lit it, and then you had to climb out of a porthole, reach around, and climb in through another without dropping the newspaper - or falling and being lost at sea!

Oooh arrr, Jim m'lad!


Ref the B word, I'll lay off it for a while.

I've found a new outlet to dilute myself - trolling the comments of the DT.

Jeez, those guys get uppity - and they make you lot look half sensible.


if this is normal behaviour!

Memories of Bugis Street in the '60s immediately spring to mind. Normal had a different interpretation in that little place,

Jeez, OzD, you old Tasmanian devil you! ...

Just remembered I was born there in 1965. I'm not sure quite what that means.



Whyn't you 'spin the yarn out' for the benefit of those of us colonials who may be unaware of how, given there's a bicentennial coming up, a tactic originally developed to frighten the Zulus came to be adopted by your RN fellows?


Once a First Sergeant (you would say Company Sergeant Major) explained how things were in the new politically correct modern Army. He no longer had a “sh*t list” of soldiers who incurred his disfavor, he now had a “feces roster.” The function seemed unchanged.

SoD I never did see that "dance" but Bugis Street was the "must see" place to go for Commonwealth "Pussers" and Aussie troops on R&R from Vietnam.

A complete and total rip off if you wanted any of the "services" on offer and also a good way to get a "dose" as some of my mates can attest to. A hell of a lot of fun to have a beer and watch the antics.

Aha, JK ...,_you_Zulu_Warrior

The second recording is worth a listen.


A word of correction if I may be so bold. Ladeees tennis is 'plink ,grunt plonk' and therefore unbearable

I remember sitting in Bugis Street one night. On the next table was an East European merchant sailor. He was hooked up with two of the ugliest women I had ever seen - actual women. Before they moved off the women insisted on a street photographer taking a polaroid shot, which they tucked into his shirt pocket. I have often wondered how he felt the next morning!

Jk, that was one hell of a film. Seen it numerous times.

I remember seeing it with the Gaffer and Gramps at the fleapit in Sunninghill ...


SoD, that looks like a cozy venue.

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