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Wednesday, 02 January 2019


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Duffers your breakfast was doing well until you got to that Tea stuff.

And I do love a rasher of flat nosed sheep.

"tea stuff"!!!! I despair of you Aussies!

I have one of those every day.

Place I'm working has a restaurant with a French trained chef, so fancy eggs in saucy stuff for the laydeez too.

In fact I've just seen the time - nothing like a cookie on the horizon to get the slaves scampering into work to pay your pensions!


"I have one of those **every day**."

Which explains a number of things which your old platoon sergeant would have pointed out in stronger language than I permit on this distinguished blog!

Don't be ridiculous SoD. French cooks can't even make toast! And so-called continental breakfasts are disgusting.

Thank goodness we're leaving soon.

Grocery shopping is a chore that bores my wife to a point that she won't make a list and simply wheels a cart up and down isles tossing in items almost at random, often leaving important ones out. The engineer in me is driven close to madness by the inefficiency, so for years now I've done the grocery shopping for our household.

In old age grocery shopping fills the basic, manly role of hunter-gatherer. While there's no danger of being faced by a potentially deadly animal in the wild, choosing among the endless versions of the same product can be a true test of mettle. I salute you, Corporal Duff.

While there's no danger of being faced by a potentially deadly animal in the wild,

You obviously do not shop in Walmart then.

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