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Thursday, 03 January 2019


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“We have companies, the greatest in the world, and they’re doing really well. They have record kinds of numbers. " Trump.
Absolute moron.

In answer to the charges the WAPO is fake news, liberal, Democrat, blah, blah, blah:

The 10 best things Trump has done in 2018

A few of these are really a stretch, but in general they approximate the truth well enough. An administration is more than only the president and, despite its basically amoral and nonsensical nature, this one has allowed certain opportunities for the Executive and Congress that might not have appeared elsewhere.

Trump himself is another story, but piling on is getting to be an exercise in the too obvious. Once David has compared him to Falstaff, there's not much left to say here. For the moment.


Seems you're abit too impatient in your assessing David's somewhat casual characterizing. Trump's flit around you as a wasp, and apparently, has done damage.


If I remember correctly David also called Trump a clown. He wrote Falstaff was just a start on Trump, with which I also agree. You might be surprised to know Trump is even more unpopular in Europe than he is here:

Lucky for me, the president has much bigger things to damage. Like relations with our allies.

I'm with Bob and JK on this one.

Character aside, there are individually good things and holistically there are coherencies in Trump's actions and strategy respectively.

On the "US as world policeman" I was slow in seeing that his stance is not actually withdrawal from the role, but a different model of implementing it.

The old "Use NATO and micro-manage everything with boots on the ground" model as compared to the new "Subcontract to regional policemen" for example.

They both try to achieve the same ends but by different means.

An outrageous comparison I know, but it's rather like the transition from tribalism to feudalism. As leader of the tribe it becomes unwieldy as the tribe grows: powerful "friends" within start to take the piss and micro-managing them takes up more and more bandwidth. And as the tribes of the enemies grow too, micro-managing warring with them becomes overwhelming.

The great subcontract of "land for tribute" feudalism steps forth.

The king says, "That chunk of the earth's crust is yours now, now pay some rent (tariffs or other) in exchange. Bring your retinues when I need them, or there'll be trouble.
I'll bring my kingly retinues to you along with those of your peer barons if our enemies overwhelm you, but in the day-to-day you sort it out."

It's the only way to play the great game on a grand scale: a fractal division of duty and rights.

With China and Russia out of self-limiting Marxism and into autocratic capitalism, the king needs productivity and efficiency out of the nobility to front them up.

In the "nation of nations" societal development of the West we've had a little heads up with the recent 70 years or so of the rules based system of NATO. But it was a step too far. The piss takers couldn't handle it. Like thrusting democracy on a bunch of spear chuckers it's a step too far.

The "nation of nations" West is really only somewhere between Boadecia and King John. We got ahead of ourselves.

In our region, the question is: does Blighty go for a Knightly Manor under the Duke of Europe, or a Dukedom of its own?

I think y'all know where I stand on that one?



'Lucky for me, the president has much bigger things to damage. Like relations with our allies.'

Oh yes I forgot - next week comes the nuking of France.

(But wouldn't that let Macron off the hook?)

Pretty good Sod. Maybe at the end a bridge too far but we shall see ...

It's hard for me to believe the 2016 election was about 'character'. It wasn't. It was about two completely opposite messages and two polar opposite views of America and how we should be governed. These messages and messengers as well as their supporters are nearly at complete incompatibility with each other. Many of our Allies are having the same problems and the peasantry are about fed up with it. Elites who care about status within their peer group vs the rest of us who are refusing to suffer for their wrong headed globalist preening.

Trump, bellowing buffoon he often is, is a warning about this circumstance. Heed it.

No Whitewall, it wasn't - well except that her's was shrewish and his wasn't.

We'll must await DD's return on the morrow it would appear for his critique of what I attempted to convey to Bob initially - in the fullest sense.

Hadn't, I assure, a thing to say about Trump.

I can’t believe a lot of the comments about Trump’s style, Tweets etc. It’s like they’re all a bunch of maiden aunts, for goodness sake!
The left can’t stand him because he didn’t fold under the weight of all the fact-free accusations aimed at dislodging him because he beat their champion. The globalists watch in dismay as their agenda is being derailed.
The allies are being forced to actually cough up and pay for their own defense (what a novel idea!).

Whitewall says it best.

Anyhoo, anyone wishing to keep getting their panties in a bunch, do carry on.


Thank you so very much for the link to the WaPo assessment- back atcha:

Even now, the upper ranks of Twitter are discussing how they might ban Trump. Perhaps they could accuse him of being nasty to Warren and Pelosi. Just test the water by banning him for a week or so.

They won't BOE, Trump's tweets are all keeps the Twitterati with its sense of being the missionaries. The Holy Warriors so to speak.


Off subject.

I never understood the marketing of recruiting strategy. Do you think this will fill the ranks.

Whatever the Twitterati might think, I am sure the Democrats would like to stop Trump tweeting. And the new house of representatives presents a target rich field for Trump's witty tweets.

Hank. The MoD is run by civil servants and military bureaucrats. What do they know about the rank-and-file?


Thanks for the link. Probably a lot of the fire hose effect was fueled by entertainment news personalities taking the story personally and seeing Khashoggi as one of their own.

There's some self-validation too:

"Some Western outlets, including the Washington Post, performed reasonably well at alerting their readers to the possibility that these stories were manipulative. Others, especially the New York Times, treated the successive firehoses as if they corroborated one another."

IMHO the NYT always goes for drama. That's why I don't read them unless other outlets pick up their stories.

Good off topic by Hank.

I saw that add too.

Do you think Vlad will set aside some "safe spaces" when hot air turns to cold steel?

Or ask his guys to respond diligently and responsibly by buttoning their flies when they find one of ours wounded on the field of glory flashing a #metoo tweet on her MOD phone at them?


Yes SoD, Hank. I noticed an item awhile back (2017?) in Stars and Stripes the army was experiencing difficulties filling its ground ranks, discussions ensued at which point "the usual geniuses" hit upon the idea that, given their religious-like zeal, perhaps Antifa and elements of the #Resist could be convinced to fill its front ranks.

So far though, the usual suspects seem to've brainstormed as usual.

US recruiters have been reporting that young 'men' today lacked the physical strength to do the simplest training exercises: push ups chin ups etc. If the quality of recruit is lowered, so will the basic training standards.


You should read that Bob. Then hit the archives for the Spectator (US ed) piece I linked as the tale's woe was initially being "spun up" by the likes of the aforementioned WaPo and NYT.

The Spectator's "But too you [the American public] should know these things" being hotly denied by the latter and mostly airily dismissed/minimized by the former all while the likes of the Spectator was struggling to get its pants on.

And only now in these late times have the mea culpas begun to been forced out. I would submit - had the extent of the Turk/Qatari nexus been more illumined (of course whether the general public recognized that for what it meant ...) folks such as our good Lindsey G might could've been persuaded to not disturb our sleep.


I've just verified he links I'm posting result in 404s (dead ends) ... pasting the source and some few of the definitives into a preferred Search engine is necessary.

The problem has reared its head before, some of you might have noted (an archive search will reveal that, in the weeks leading to a certain fellow being elected by my great state's more intelligent and responsible citizens, I'd been awol - something's come up resulting in my presence being requested elsewhere for some yet to be determined period)

Anyway, I'm away from my desk and so must mirror through my home network in order to keep current [entertained] among my friends ... oh and Bob. I'll be lurking but regular commenting is too demanding.

Until I can return then David - you'll take charge?

Trump has upset a lot of the establishment in the USA who no doubt thought they had jobs for life. Give the man another term and time to upset more people.

Aha, here she comes ...

"Asked about the possibility of dispatching Arab troops to Syria and whether this matter would be discussed by Mr Pompeo on his trip, one official said: "We’re exploring a variety of options – I won’t go into details on those – but we don’t have any plans right now to facilitate Arab forces going into Syria." Arab media have reported that the deployment of Egyptian or Moroccan troops is one of the possibilities currently on the table."

The neo-Feudal system is taking shape in the ME. Land for tribute. The great subcontract. The Dukedoms, Baronetcies, and Knightly manors are being handed out so the King can hands off the micro-managing and attend to the bigger global enemies of Russia and China.

Be great to see Arab, Israeli and Kurdish lads and lasses standing side-by-side in the battle line. Arab F-16's being refuelled over Israel as they return from missions covering MBS's new "Vegas of the ME". Trophy protected Israeli Merkava's and Arab M-1's working together side-by-side on the ground between the Golan and Euphrates. Kurdish infantry cooking off Turkish Leopard II's with Javelin ATGM's under Arab Israeli air cover.

The Kingly Uncle Sam: raising tribute through arms sales, extracted but still the feudal overlord, refocused on the bigger fish to fry at the global level.

Israel with a land barrier between Iran and Syria / Lebanon / Hezbollah.

Saudi firmed up as the Duke of the Arab fiefdom, local enemies in check, chopping up enemies, dissolving them in acid and flushing them down the crapper Game of Thrones stylee as needed ("He may be a bastard, but at least he's our bastard" to quote the Gaffer's well used phrase).

Kurds with a Knightly Manor of their own. Aaaah.

Could work out rather well for all - except Assad, Putin, Islamist Turkey and the mad Mullahs.


Further to Hank’s off topic snowflakes, who knew Monty Python was prophetic?

Wigner's Friend, you are now my friend for life because that was classic Monty Python - God, how I miss them!

Wigner that's pure driven class!

Can you imagine rocking up to the Beeb and proposing that as a sketch today?!

It wouldn't just be a call to HR but probably the cops. And you'd need a pretty decent lawyer to get you off a short spell at her Maj's pleasure.

Mind you, it'd be worth it just to see the expression on the commissioning manager's face.



As you say propose that today and you would be having your coller felt, and yet that was less than 60 years ago. Meanwhile, the snowflakes on whom we are commenting are still trying to judge icons of previous centuries by today’s standards, viz “Rhodes Must Fall” et al. How long before the pendulum swings back? If it doesn’t, how long before Ghandi is called out as a racist?

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