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Friday, 18 January 2019


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He'd no doubt have been a Brexiteer had he been English.

Would have served the empire well, exploiting the colonials and abusing the natives, then had a sniffle, but never really said "sorry" or "I was wrong" or "I was part of the problem".

Good riddance.


Compare and contrast the scarcely concealed admiration and guilt dodging apologia of the Speccie article with this ...

A veritable proto-fascist model, unrepentant.

Aka: a fascist pig.



Isn't anything holy up there where you live?


One of the more creative solutions over in Illinois is to legalize recreational pot and put heavy taxes on it, which is every bit as realistic as a lap dance tax. Maybe there'll be a street hustler tax too. But to answer your question, yeah, machine politics are holy, and not just in Chicago. The ditch-jumping, clod-throwing set also has an old game. The ball will get back to the 50 yard line eventually.

SoD, for a 'brainiac' of the first order, you are sometimes exceedingly obtuse! Did you actually read the 'Speccie' article through to the end? The whole point was that Ernst Jünger was absolutely NOT "a veritable proto-fascist model, unrepentant." He was the very opposite, in fact, a man whose powers of observation and critical assessment of his world grew and grew as he grew up! He was virulently *anti*-Nazi! Yes, like all of us he had his faults but he had the intellectual strength to recognise some of them as he grew older and wiser. How many of us can do that?

Come Duffers, he was German!

He was probably not aware that the Jews were given free holidays and the buses broke down on the way home.

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