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Thursday, 31 January 2019


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In the case of this young woman, we just can't know. As we weren't there, all we have to rely on is their conflicting accounts. It's perfectly possible that a young inexperienced woman was given the sort of robust and aggressive treatment which interviewers sometimes use in order to probe for weaknesses and to see if the candidate gets rattled under pressure. Conversely, it is possible that he hates women and does his best to humiliate them.

The question remains, though, as to why he offered her the job if it were the latter.

A variation has emerged in American news:

"Three recent surveys arrived at similar troublesome findings: A growing number of men report being uncomfortable or afraid to work alone with a woman. Senior men are increasingly reluctant to mentor younger women or include them in opportunities like business travel or client dinners."

The question thus asked by the 'liberal' MSM is, "Are women hurting themselves with their uppity #MeToo movement?" To which we are expected to reply, "Thank the gods for conventional wisdom".

Many men would love to ask the woman mentioned in the 'Telegraph' if she imagines men are only interviewed with backslapping encouragement and big, silly grins. It might be a wonderment to her they're not.

I've been interviewed by apparently hostile people who seemed to assume everything on my resume (CV) was exaggerated or an outright lie. They basically performed interrogations minus the rubber hose and bright light in my eyes. No doubt it was because people often do lie on resumes and in person, or put on airs.

Vive la difference. Vive la similarities too.

"Many men would"

Well thanks Bob.

As we've come to expect from you Bob.


unused to the rough and tumble of the business world was thoroughly tested to judge her metal and she simply failed.

No disrespect but she didn't fail - they offered her the job.

Women are afflicted with the same problem as men- human nature.

TDK. Which she apparently turned down. Did they really offer it if she was nearly in tears?

I've just had an experience with a young woman at work. She was a Sales Manager preparing a presentation and I made some feedback on content that she didn't like. She was getting all heated during our discussion and later she said she felt I was condescending at which point I disengaged. I was a lot gentler on her than I am normally as well btw. Later she presented to the client and he rejected the proposal pointing out all the issues I had then when they returned the account exec called me and told me off for allowing her to present such a pile of crap as she had told him I had reviewed it. I explained what had happened only to be told that I should have adapted my way of working to help her because we as a company have missed out on some revenue. I told him that it wasn't my job to do that I was helping out because I'm a nice sort of guy and if he wanted I would get one of my guys to do another presentation but I wasn't dealing with her again.

From now on I won't be getting involved with any woman less than 35. We have lots of women in our company who are happy to get my feedback and discuss it. I'm just not putting myself at risk for people that want to be spoon fed. It isn't my job and one boundary I can refuse to climb.

"From now on I won't be getting involved with any woman less than 35".
There does seem to be an age divide when it comes to attitudes vs expectations. About mid 40s it seems.

TDK, you are quite right and I did spot that error but was too lazy to correct it. I will hand in my 100xlines at 4 o'clock!

M'Lord T, I feel your fury, although you hide it well and I thank God that for most of my civilian life I was self-employed.


"Asifeventheballstobralola" Huh? Are you thinking about Lola's bra?:

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