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Wednesday, 27 February 2019


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Neither Weigel nor the NR can be considered an unbiased source, and the case is described differently elsewhere. High profile trials are sometimes kept from the press in America too. The effect of publicity is undeniable. Pell will also be investigated by The Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. Case closed if he's defrocked.

Protestants have also joined in:

Molesters often pose as, or are, other authority figures such as law enforcers or politicians. Nothing new there.

I have no idea about this man's guilt or innocence. The RCC is eaten up with this sort of thing and it isn't new. Homosexual predators and other types of abusers nearly doomed the priesthood from the beginning. In any era, all candidates for the priesthood are drawn from the culture at large.

I live in the State of Victoria and have been following the trial. I am Jewish and would like to think unbiased and analytical in looking at this case.

Pell was convicted in respect to a sexual act in the Sacristy of the RC Cathedral here in Melbourne. In summary the main points are;

This act is alleged to have occurred immediately after a morning Mass at which Pell officiated.

He was wearing all the vestments of his position which included robes which do not open in the front and one of which is tied tight around him. He is supposed to have opened the front of the vestments which is on evidence not possible.

He has supposedly left the processional out of the Cathedral without being immediately followed by a priest who is, as I gather, in the position of ADC to Pell.

The offence is alleged to have taken place in the Vestry which was open to the cathedral and subject to constant traffic.

One of the alleged victims is dead but told his mother prior to his death that nothing happened as alleged.

The surviving alleged victim's evidence is full of holes in respect to verifiable evidence.

The jury however found the case proved which I find surprising given the quality of the Crown case.

The decision is being appealed to the Supreme Court.

Kiddie-fiddlers are particularly vile creatures and deserve everything the law allows but from following the case I would find it difficult to find Pell guilty as charged.

We shall see what the decision of the Justices of our Appellate Division of the Supreme Court is.

Thanks, AussieD, and I would be grateful if you could pass on any further news of this case.

I am an Australian person of no religious beliefs. Pell has been a target for the LGBT+ community for many years. The case is so full of holes even lawyers who are notably anti Catholic are expressing surprise that he was found guilty. Both the other cases against him collapsed.
I seriously hope he wins the appeal.


An article with a little more background. The author is something of a lefty, however he is respected left and right for reporting actual facts not what he want to be true.

Thanks, Hank, an interesting article.

Fox News, Rupert Murdoch's righty outfit, reports:

"Cardinal George Pell – once Pope Francis’ top financial advisor and the Vatican’s economy minister – was unanimously found guilty by a 12-member jury in the Victoria state County Court on Dec. 11 after more than two days of deliberation. He was accused of sexually abusing the two choirboys in the sacristy of a cathedral and weeks later indecently assaulting one of the choirboys in a cathedral corridor."

It's not impossible they were wrong, but "...unanimously found guilty by a 12-member jury" is clear. Whatever the defense came up with was not persuasive.

Maybe it was mistaken identity as he would have been to their rear. Those bishops all look the same with their mitres!

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