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Thursday, 07 February 2019


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Maybe those Continental types could do some fracking or something? There must be gas somewhere.

Up to 1870, it was usual for France to declare war on Germany.

decnine I know I'm being picky but until 1871 there was no German nation just a bunch of independent States. Otherwise you are right.

Just wait till they start discussing their next 7-year budget! Especially when we tell them that the £39 billion is being paid at a rate of 20p a week.


"I know I'm being picky but until 1871 there was no German nation just a bunch of independent States."

Indeed, and they are heading back in that direction. Germany includes a large part of Turkey, and many Middle Eastern and African enclaves.

Whitewall is spot on. If Macron doesn't like dependence on Russian gas he could lift his ban on fracking and encourage it instead. Maybe he could get the EU to encourage it throughout Europe.
Also he could build terminals for importing the stuff, I believe the yanks might have some to sell.
But I note that the EU and especially Germany are heading for a carbon free future, which seems a bit at odds with importing hydrocarbons.
The problem seems to be politicians who have never had skin in any game and think grand statements are all that is necessary.

If Blighty was still in the game any or all of the above would be options when our weight is applied.

Get the Yanks in with their LNG fracked exports.

Play the Froggies and Jerries off against each other.

Perfidious Albion on steroids.

But don't even bother talking about it, coz you've gotta be in it to win it - and YOU quit! So enough of the "They should do this, they should do that" BS, already.

Our forefathers gave their lives so we could deal with them and manipulate them with hot air rather than cold steel.

But you didn't even have the balls to deal with them with hot air, even as they're running about like headless chickens shouting, "Shoot me, shoot me!" - ya yella-bellied pussy-farts!

You effectively stamped on the legacy of those who gave on June 23rd 2016.

What a confluence of cowardice and stupidity - a "co-co-stu", to coin a phrase.


For goodness sake, SoD, calm down, you're sounding, well, rather French, actually!


It is time Mrs May stopped travelling around to get a deal. The EU Mafia are laughing at the British with the aid of that Irish EU lackey PM.
Just announce we are leaving Mrs May and get on with the real job.

Salvini might help save Macron's derriere. Macron can claim to be the only thing between nationalist forces such as Salvini and the Yellow Vests. He also has another excuse to not open the border and accept more immigrants. Within the context of the EU the spat is standard politics. Neither country is pushing to exit.

Oops, meant to put that on the previous thread.

One would need a heart of stone not to laugh.
A sack of rats.
Almost a shame to be leaving. Some of our more flamboyant MEPs could have stirred the shit some more.

Bull's eye, Doonhammer.

And when it comes to May's deal and the backstop, Juliet Samuel hits the bull's eye too ...

Only 3 months after I explained on D&N how the benefits of the backstop for Blighty had been airbrushed out of the MSM and all media, per items 17-23 of the government's legal advice released under duress, that in fact the EU had gaffed and "Perfidious Albion" has a target rich environment in May's deal and the backstop too.

So in the coming referendum where the options are: No deal, May's deal, and Remain, the latter two are looking tasty for Brexiteer and Remainer alike.

If it goes tits up "No deal" now and we get a Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks cataclysm you'll only have yourselves to blame.


Well, SoD, what if we get a no deal exit and we don't get Dad's Army and a Bolsheviks cataclysm? What if we get a smooth transition?

Anyway, why am I to blame? I voted Leave - and I voted for an all-encompassing Leave. No customs union, no single market, no Frogs telling us what to do. The present shambles is nothing to do with me!

I am now off for two weeks in Madeira. Portuguese. A country that has already told us that nothing will change for their British visitors and residents after Brexit.

BOE, enjoy!

Considering our current political state of play we Yanks don't have a lot of room to criticize. However, it is absolutely hilarious that destructive weasel Nigel Farage intends to be a candidate for a new ‘Brexit Party' if there's no deal by March 29. Good gods.

France 24, the fuzzy broadcast of which proves the European HD MAC standard was a bad idea, had an interesting report on how Calais is gearing up for customs procedures. Buy your French wine now.

I usually go to Calais in May for a few nights. Mainly to pick up wine, cigars and butter. If I don't go I shall be about £700 better off. This doesn't include the shopping. So, I shall have plenty of money to buy Australian wine etc. How long before the French start squealing? They are already burning the place down over the price of auto fuel.

A new 'petro state' emerges. In a former British colony I believe.

Don't worry about the wine, BOE. With Global warming they'll soon be growing wine grapes in England, again. The cigars? Well, maybe not.


Oz makes some excellent wines and the exchange rate makes them relative bargains over here. California also turns out great products when it's not too busy fighting fires and mud slides. If you're old enough to remember it, forgive us for the crap we used to send from New York State.

You are talking to someone old enough to remember when us peasants were restricted to Blue Nun or Mateus Rose! Oh yes - I have also sampled Californian wine on Miss Langtrey’ s place. Hello

Well the 21st century Franco-Prussian War didn't last long, did it? Wasn't even handbags at dawn ...

The Jerry concession to Macron will limp out like a guilty puppy in the coming weeks and months.

Shame Blighty can't lead the Nordics, Baltics and Ost Blokkers in opposition to Nord Stream 2. But y'all well aware of why we can't by now.


Mmm, there's a lot of twisty-turny in that Nord Stream 2 pipeline, gonna run and run methinks ...

Says that Merkel put the French up to tipping the balance in favour of the EU's plan to bureaucratize Gazprom out of existence in NS2. This as her way of poking the eye of the anti-American, pro-Ost SPD and maybe greasing her way into a future career in Brussels.

She's a dirtbag, but at least she's our dirtbag, eh Gaffer?


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