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Tuesday, 12 February 2019


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It's unlikely Baroness Thatcher would play well over here. Just to begin with "Baroness" and a fancy accent would sound really elitist. Especially next to Trump, who is the salt of the earth. There's no winter of discontent going on just now, except it's been really cold in the heartland, which obviously means the whole planet is extra cold. And in the American context a pole tax would wind people up worse than blackface. Keep your (en)titled airheads sticking out their pinkies sipping tea over there, thank you.

Don't be so literal, Bob, just admit that the collection of cooks and clowns so far assembled by the Dem party to chance their arms at the Presidency are likely to put off 'yuuuuuuuge' numbers of voters and lose you the election!

At this rate, come about September, the Dems will take stock of their cast of characters and beg Moochell Obama to get in the race to save them from themselves.


"You"? In the spirit of LBJ I shall not seek and will not accept nomination for president.

"[W]hich obviously means the whole planet is extra cold."

Obviously getting with the program now are we, maybe now that none other than your old stompin' grounds 've added some new bits:

Still 'n all - I do pray whoever comes through after "the interminables" an' begins vetting the Veep hopeful - does consider taking somebody from Virginia. Now that would be entertainment!

Imagine him heading the Senate an' casting tie-breakers after being hailed; Mister Coonman, how do you vote?

Since there was more precipitation in Antarctica there was obviously more everywhere.

A Virginia veep would be a hoot, but the Dems are too humorless for that. It's more likely they'll ask Howard Schultz just to really piss off their base. Or maybe they'll try to kill their chances by choosing some wrinkly white hedge fund manager from Wyoming to balance Bernie Sanders of the People's Republic of Vermont at the top of the ticket. The two states have just over 1 million people between them, and anyone left of center might be put off by Wyoming because it'll remind them of Dick Cheney. Their record's not perfect, but losing presidential elections has been a top Dem priority for over 40 years. Why change now?

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