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Saturday, 16 February 2019


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Looking forward to reading Ben Macintyre, thanks for the heads up.
If you haven't read 'I am Pilgrim' by Terry Hayes, try it. It's the best novel I've read.
Good luck with your recovery.

Alan, yes, I read that some considerable time ago and it is a corker! Thank you for good wishes.

Here's a great historical book for you to read, although it's hard to find: "Flames Over Tokyo" by E. Bartlett Kerr. It is the amazing (and horrifying) story of how the USA methodically designed and executed its terrifying and highly effective bombing campaign against Japan. A remarkable book.

Thanks for that tip, 'Dippers', I will check it out on Kindle.

Short explanation: LA is, of course, a hot spot for art and culture, though great and popular writing has been produced nearly everywhere in America. LA is edgy and iconoclastic, and fiercely competitive in being so. It has a history of incorporating surrealism and the avant-garde into nearly everything.

Nathanael West ( ) is a previous example. I don't think you'd like his collection of novellas, but the most understandable one for a Brit would probably be 'Miss Lonelyhearts', since it lampoons newspaper advice columns. The others are satirical takes on other American writers, especially Horatio Alger and those in Hollywood. Hollywood loved the inside joke and made a movie out of 'The Day of the Locust'.

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