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Monday, 04 February 2019


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Agreed. Tim Newman had some (as usual) intelligent comment about this non-event in his blog and I was reminded me of an acquaintance who - as a veterinary medicine student in a large Northern city, early 1970's, went on an after-exam bender with some pals.

Off they went down the main shopping street and thoroughfare of this imposing city, bevvied halfway to oblivion, when my acquaintance (who'd concealed a bag of artificial blood under his jacket) collapsed screaming to the ground. He punctured the bag as he did so - all passers-by could see was a man covered in a blood-like fluid, screaming. Then he got up, and he and his pals walked off laughing. Passers-by rolled their eyes and muttered "wretched students", probably.

Fast forward 40 years and half the city centre would have been shut down, squads of police everywhere, and serious public order offences being sprayed around everywhere. Criminal records and ruined careers all round....

There was a time when we, as a people and a nation, had a more robustly balanced view of student pranks. Mind you, the students were more robustly balanced, too. Same in America, evidently.


You are aware of how news organizations make money, right? And I suppose politicians could say things like, "Oh, what's a little stereotyping? Boys will be boys." But I'm guessing it wouldn't work out well for them. Maybe in one of SoD's parallel universes you wake up in things will be different. You can hope.

We've only eleven or twelve more years of this ridiculousness to endure, so I've been informed, and since *most* the rural population has already accepted urban areas are "no go zones" I suggest we all just shelter in place.

There's "a lesson - an example" to be had from Washington state's recent legislative history: There the cities-based legislature enacted a rather draconian firearms something-or-other and while the Antifa-environs are going gangbusters in their enthusiasms for it; the rural sheriffs are refusing to enforce it.

Such an example I suggest, ought be the model we strive for.

File this fandango under “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell.

This D governor started his week casting his favor with infanticide as an extension of legal 'abortion'. Baby killing to black face within 72 hours.

We are on a 'white privilege' 'kristallnact' over here.

That D Governor in this cartoon:

Well gosh, David, I take back the snarky comment above. We Americans have tragically lost the freedom of public figures to be insulting to anyone, anywhere, anytime and in any way, despite our lack of British libel laws. We also have rock music, louts at ball games, Roman Catholic Cardinals associating with adults, modern art, computers as visual aids, fantasy novels and men who go bare-chested in public when they're not on a beach:

Also, there is a caravan of South Americans on my lawn this very moment setting up taco and churro stands.

Agree with Whitewall - nobody seems to be the slightest bit upset that this moral bankrupt pronounces himself in favour of murder on demand presumably to appeal to his base; but that same base goes apeshit over some photo from a generation ago of an act possibly in poor taste, but certainly legal and probably not immoral.

These people have no sense of proportion nor apparently decency.

Ian' t there a photograph somewhere, of the Clintons, with Shrillary as a black woman (slave?) and Slick Willy as a dungaree wearing redneck?
Pity it wasn't made available when they were running for President.

Well, I do remember when England exploded in furor when Prince Harry dressed as a NAZI for a costume party.

So, well, back at ya. Y'all (Southern American for 'You All') need to chill yourselves. :)

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