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Thursday, 14 February 2019


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'Leftie' feminist is right. Maybe other lefties too. The West is seeing a sort of 'Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact' between Leftists and Radical Islam. It will seem virtuous to them to demand this girls readmission.

Some creative diplomacy is required here. We'll take in the sensible Miss Good-Arse from Iran, this ungrateful bint in a bin-liner can go to Iran to make up the shortfall, and Syria can have one of our criminal Muslims to keep the numbers equal.

Whitewall, if she doe return then the islamist men will be in a queue to hump her and produce more baby bombers. As she is in Syria she should be handed over to the Syrian authorities and that will end the matter.

According to ITV, in the refugee camp where she is accommodated there are 6 other U.K. ISIS brides with 13 children.

Everyone should just admit superficial and trendy beats repressed and religious every time:

Almost every commentator I've heard today has been at pains to point out what a complicated situation this is. She must be brought back to the UK and not have to face the music because she's only just an adult and she's 9 months pregnant.

Nope. At the point when she chose to travel to Syria, there was no way she could have been ignorant of what ISIS was up to; and that giving them help was illegal. See? Not complicated at all.

There is less to this than meets the eye.

1) The age of criminal responsibility in England is ten. Ms. Begum went to Syria to join ISIS, of her own volition, aged fifteen.

2) Everything I have read about her (e.g. severed heads not phasing her) indicates that she is still a hardened extremist who will pose a threat to this country unless monitored 24/7 by the security services.

3) This would seem to indicate clearly that she is not a fit and proper person to raise a young child and that should she return to the UK and give birth, the baby, plus any she has in future should be taken from her and adopted by more suitable candidates for parenthood.

4) Begum made her bed and must now lie in it. There is no way that the British tax payer should be forced to cough up for a new British bed for her to lay (and get laid) in with the certainty of her producing yet more children who without state intervention, will be raised to espouse the same warped and extremist views held by their mother.

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