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Friday, 01 February 2019


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I have about 800 books on my kindle but since you can archive them in Amazon's cloud and then reload them in seconds, the answer is probably thousands. I archive them in collections (folders) by genre once I've read them

Thank you, Stephen, I never knew any of that but when I mention it to 'SoD' he will instantly snap that he told me all that ages ago! Bloody kids!

Aren't snow falls supposed to be a thing of the past?

Congrats, David. Considering your attitude toward climate science I'm relieved you don't think the moon landings were faked in a Hollywood studio.


You retired from NASA i believe you've hinted? Engineered satellites and other sorts of kit to study stuff?

One last question Bob - Who'd you allow to take over after you engineered such expensive and, presumably, technologically athletic climate studying instruments now orbiting?

Whitewall, is global warming supposed to prevent snowfall?

Glasga, that was the impression I got!

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