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Wednesday, 06 February 2019


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Exerpts from "the Donald's" speech appeared on what passes for our news services down here. Certainly delivered in a more statesman like manner than the teleprompter O-bama-rama efforts.

Looking at all those Democrat women dressed in white one could be thought somewhat cynical to think that there hadn't been that much white in the Democrat Party since it’s formation of the KKK.

But then I am somewhat cynical.

Someone remarked that they looked like a bunch of ex-wives!

All those Democrat women dressed in white as “suffragettes”? Nope. If they are reaching back in their history, then those women are the ladies auxiliary of the KKK. A bad look. It was a rough evening for the Dems as the speech was optimistic, anti socialist and pro America.

Whenever I think of suffragettes I tend to think of green and purple. All white did definitely evoke sheets.
Excellent speech. I actually stayed awake to watch it, and I am sorry I arrived 20 minutes late.

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