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Wednesday, 20 February 2019


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Yaaay! a couple of wins for the good guys.

Heap big good news, for once.


Liberals, in their on going effort to 'smash racism' etc etc, will settle for several days of wrong headlines in support of their shifting narratives before the story blows up. Comes under the "too good to check" heading. What liberals are doing is actually an effort to erase opposition.

About the Obama's unsightly 'library' I have said, it belongs in Havana or Caracas or the like.

Golly, the media exaggerated or got a story wrong. That could happen anywhere except Fox News. In the US land is granted or leased at a token rate all the time. So let's just see how the suit comes out. Wish upon a star and keep your fingers crossed!

Regarding ugly architecture, everyone everywhere is a critic:

Mathematically challenged person of the year.

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