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Friday, 22 February 2019


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I am halfway through Nicolette Jones's 'The Plimsoll Sensation' which tells the story of Samuel Plimsoll, the man who saved the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of seamen, and continues to save their lives to this day. His story is something that would be impossible to make up: foundering ships, rags to riches and almost back to rags again, a truly villainous set of MPs with vested interests in collecting insurance pay-offs from the loss of decaying overloaded coffin ships whose crews drowned like rats, and above all, a titanic battle against all the odds which was ultimately successful. Sam Plimsoll is now my non-military candidate for the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Thanks for that, Richard, but alas, given the length, and depth, of "The Life of Thomas Cromwell", I may be occupied for some time!

if you were an American from the South like a few of us, you could use 'snuck' instead of 'sneaked'..."and sneaked into the town bookshop..." would properly say "snuck into etc etc. You would become a local phenom!

I am with you Richard. The contribution of Sam Plimsoll to the safety of generations of sailors is almost undefinable and unrecognised by most of those who benefit from his efforts.

Should you wish to mix some history with a good yarn, might I suggest “The Baroque Cycle” a trilogy by Neal Stephenson.

Thanks, Wiggers, I am always pleased to receive any book tips.

I have heard of the 'Plimsoll line' but have no idea what it is - I will look it up forthwith!

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