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Monday, 18 February 2019


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No kin but I was left with the keys to'er storage shed. Maybe y'all can help me as to whether this'll follow along gracefully behind my '91 Syclone's natural wheelbase or if I need a dolly?

(Yeah Whitewall I've said "it's an S-10" but it was only last month the block's VIN hit the measure for an 'antique plate' but shit, long as the radiator bits off nobody can tell if its a GMC or a Chevy.)

Oh yeah - the lady's fieldpiece - caliber?

(No Bob, I can't export to Indiana.)

Those two represented the best American generation. We have declined a bit since them.

A sailor, kissing a girl? what will they think of next!

That happened to me in Glasgow. My response? I laughed.

Do you vacation in Glasgow more often these days?

Whiters, it happened about 15 years ago.

In Glasgow, Miss Red! I trust his name wasnae Jimmy!

Don't worry, JK, there are probably plenty of those things around Indiana already. For a time I worked with an engineer here who payed some ridiculous amount of money, over $2000 if I remember, to go down to an old strip mine in the southern part of the state and shred junked cars with a large caliber, belt-loaded machine gun. To each his own. Except for 6 or 7 counties, Indiana is part of The South.

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