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Monday, 18 February 2019


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..."this is the Tories'(Conservatives) chance to rule for another 20 years".
The notion almost sounds like an oxymoron when spoken aloud. Maybe even cognitive dissonance. But God I hope they can and will!

The Labour party has begun to split. We'll see how far that goes.It rather depends on how many face a realistic possibility of deselection, bearing in mind that once there are enough of them- and I'm sure Momentum are working hard to ensure that there are - others will join. The Labour party has always been a coalition between working people and socialist intellectuals, and the latter have the upper hand right now. The Labour party has also had access to Jewish money which might well dry up now it is assiduously courting Muslims. That itself might well hurt them with other immigrants.
But the Conservative party is split also. Should Labour fall apart there would be no more reason for the classical liberals within it to remain.
In summary there is a prospect of interesting times.

I'm glad they are going, because it will be good for UK politics to have a realignment. But they are not all that noble. These are 7 hard-core remainers who have chosen the current moment to jump ship because they don't want Brexit.

Purely by chance, I grew up with the father of one of these 7, and a nastier **** it would be difficult to imagine.

David the seven supported the Labour Manifesto. They were elected and have taken the taxpayers money. The anti semitism excuse does not wash with me. They are anti leave the EU and think the leave voters are stupid. I would not give them any credence. If we leave the EU with any Labour support then that is welcomed . Leave is the key word and we move on.

There is no reason for the Labour Party to split. Their core original Christian values to ensure the elderly weak and poor are protected from the mob are still relevant. Unfortunately Mr Corbyn and Co have drifted towards the problems in other countries. But it is retrievable!

"... it is a matter of deep conviction even if the convictions often arise more from emotion than thoughtful analysis."

Nevertheless, nothing concentrates the mind like the contemplation of being hanged:

"LONDON (AP) — Japanese carmaker Honda plans to close its car factory in western England in 2021, a fresh blow to the British economy as it struggles with the uncertainty associated with leaving the European Union next month.

The company announced the decision, which will imperil 3,500 jobs and possibly many more, at a news conference in Tokyo.

Honda’s president and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, said the decision was not related to Brexit, but was based on what made most sense for its global competitiveness in light of the need to accelerate its production of electric vehicles.

Still, experts say the uncertainty surrounding Brexit will likely have been a contributing factor in a decision like Honda’s. There is no clarity on what leaving the EU will mean. In a worst case, it could lead to heavy tariffs and border checks, raising costs and slowing deliveries."

Bob, you reckon we should succumb to the EU beaurocracy and their long established business partners? Personally I would be happy to take a hit like my ancestors did when faced with the Nazis. The EU project is an expansionist dictatorship. They want an army.


I can't see equating EU bureaucrats to Nazis. You can blame the US for a lot of the current state of Europe. There were the Marshall Plan, NATO and some less above-the-board efforts:

I don't think we're Nazis either, though we might be an oligarchic collective at the moment. Lots of people, including me, aren't too happy about how some international institutions are behaving, but the financial elite and advancing technologies have a lot more to do with that than bureaucrats.

Bob, All the USA did was give Western Europe a chance to rebuild after the defeat of the Nazis. The EU are now in the process of ending the nation states and consolidating power.

Glesga, if you read the article at the link or find your own source, you'll see that's not true. Remember the context following WWII was the Cold War, and a united Europe was an important defense against Russia and its clients. And if you'll forgive my saying so, the US also saw no future in being dragged into more of your ceaseless and sometimes pointless hostilities, like WWI. If you don't understand history you can't understand where you are now.

Bob, The EU are an expansionist dictatorship. They were happy to assist in the downfall of the elected Ukrainian president. They are currently using the threat of a no trade deal to get the UK to toe the line,the Irish border issue is a red herring. The EU dictate to member states their budgets. I used the word NAZI loosely. The EU policy on free movement has seen terrorists enter member states. The sooner we leave the better.

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