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Saturday, 23 February 2019


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It's not clear Coulter's whipping Trump's arse any more than covering it. She's criticizing him for not doing something the large majority of American's don't want and security experts say is pointless. She doesn't mention anything about Mexico footing the bill, which was half of the wall promise. She's on to something when mentioning that it's largely the wealthy, like the Kochs, who want access to cheap labor, but ignores the highly relevant point that Trump is no different.

Trump has a long history of using undocumented and foreign labor at his golf courses and hotels as cooks and other restaurant workers in addition to house and grounds keepers. He's also brought models into the country on vacation visas and put them to work in his agency, which is a federal rap. Before he washed out of the construction business he used lots of foreign workers, the most famous case being Polish workers on Trump Tower who had to spend 15 years suing him to be paid.

Sorry, but Ann barely gets an E for effort.

Business interests in the US will sell their souls for cheap labor. At the same time the "Democratic" Party has realized that their future lays with ever more Hispanics flooding America to eventually become voters-Democrat- in as many states as possible and by any means necessary. Hispanics are the Left's will to permanent power. An effective wall, border security, deportation policy is a threat to profit for business and an existential threat to power for the other. Both motives are trashy.

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