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Wednesday, 13 February 2019


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About the 'kooks' running for the White House, all they have to do is not act crazy. When the left is unleashed this is what they look like. They can't help it. They will make Trump look sane.

Ian' t the term "Senate Intelligence", like "Political ethics", an oxymoron?

"Mr. Erick Erickson...who has now enjoyed, a change of heart and mind."

Whaddayu David mean with that using the word "now"? (Yes I see in Search, there's quite a number of uhm, 'news announcers' making it out like Erick's change of heart was just this week.)

Really though David I think my (in the scheme of all things) 'small taters beef' with you is your making out some kinda insinuation against hillbillies like we is all slow.

Here's guess who, some 150 days ago - give or take:

Be happy David all hillbillies ain't so litigious - I know in the UK's new speech laws there's bound to be a provision that if not this hillbilly, surely there'll be some eager beaver in the CPS who'd take you down for hate speech.

The American right usually thinks of the 1950's as the height of our civilization. However, it was actually the beginning of the end, when the powerful moguls of Hollywood began brainwashing the populace in preparation for coming fatal invasions.

Yes, there were J. Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon back then, but they failed to see the Big Brother potential of television, even after Nixon was defeated by a papist simply because he was unskilled at not looking sweaty, nervous and shifty in front of a camera.

On the other hand, less wholesome forces created Desilu Productions using limitless funds from the Worldwide Red Octopus. There was born the thin edge of the Wedge of Doom. By the time right thinking people responded with Fox News, Sinclair Broadcast Group and a web of radio hosts, magazines, newspapers and blogs, it was too late.

Desi Arnaz, aka Ricky Ricardo on the popular propaganda sitcom 'I Love Lucy', was an agent provocateur from communist Cuba. His relocation to the US mainland put at least one American bongo player out of work, and his blood-curdling scream "baba loooooooo" was calculated to desensitize the public to the cultural habits and future invasions of Latinos across our southern border.

Perhaps most insidiously, he beguiled Lucille Ball, whose ancestry was English, into marrying him. As 'cute' and sympathetic a figure as their offspring 'Little Ricky' might have been when cynically displayed on the sitcom to canned 'awwwwws', we need remember the pronouncements of visionaries like Geert Wilders of the importantly named Party for Freedom and Representative Steve King, Republican of the great state of Iowa:

"Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies.
— Steve King (@SteveKingIA) March 12, 2017"

President Trump has often been dismissed by pinkos, cultural traitors, those ignorant of history and the lamestream media as a kook and nincompoop for trying to protect America with a tried-and-true, ladder-and-tunnel-proof concrete wall. Worse, others who should know better, particularly the blonde and blue-eyed Ann Coulter, call him a kook and nincompoop for failing to secure the necessary funds to build the wall. Unfortunately, all his detractors, left and right, will eventually be proven wrong. Great civilizations eventually fall not because of external enemies, but because of rot from within.

"[B]ut they failed to see the Big Brother potential of television."

T'weren't just Bob, cross-dressing FBI chiefs and Republicans failed to see - here's 'BirdDog Schiff' in 2017 so certain of hisself as he (and others, NBC especially... MSNBC, CNN et al) first set course to sail the ship of state onto the rocks.

"I [Congressman Adam Schiff] have seen evidence of Trump colluding with Putin."

That's pretty unequivocal ain't it?

And just this past weekend (after Mueller's two years and however much dosh) he's now moved onto:

"Well, it's a different form of collusion."

You'd think they'd learn don'cha?

And look Bob, neither of those two unequivocals required either FOX specifically or the Sinclair Group generally.

Democrats these days seem perfectly capable of using their own guns to shoot themselves in their own foot.

"[W]e need remember the pronouncements of visionaries like Geert Wilders and Representative Steve King."

Too, Al Sharpton, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and The August Occasional Cortex.

JK, D&N is always fair and balanced.

Not so much to hillbillies though Bob, I think even you'd agree?

JK, you're right. You've got a score to settle with David.

White people are no longer entitled to claim to be White in a multicultural society. We have to stand back shut up and be humiliated by the political elites and their chosen media.

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