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Saturday, 02 February 2019


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A boss of mine was taught by him at Birkbeck. She revered him, and never lost an opportunity to name-drop. I read some time ago that the really bizarre thing about the left wing "intelligentsia" was that you could meet one at a cocktail party or dinner party in North London, and have an amiable chat with a genial old apologist for genocide. If however, you spoke in favour of anyone to the right of, say, Harold Wilson, you would meet with instantaneous ostracism.

Mr. Hobsbawm was not as simple as Mr. Hefferlump claims, but there's no room for that type of discussion here. While looking into Hobsbawm, however, it became clear some American right wingers count him among the greatest historians.

More interesting is that some American right wingers are claiming to be Marxists. Apparently some actually believe it's all about revolution. The language was used to describe the Reagan 'revolution' and now Trump's:

"We had our own revolution, a year ago. Which makes it a good time to compare Red October with red-state America, the Trump revolution in American politics.

I got a heads up about the comparison at a 2015 dinner, when I heard a congressman complain about the members of the House’s rambunctious and very conservative Freedom Caucus. “Right-wing Marxists,” he called them. Aha, I thought. That’s me."

That brought to mind Trump's one time strategist Steve Bannon describing himself as a Leninist. However, Snopes has some reason to stay neutral on the fact:

But there's no doubt many right wingers want to destroy the state. Activist Grover Norquest famously wanted the government to be made small enough to drown in a bathtub.

So maybe the American right has navigated across the back of the political sphere and crossed into extreme left territory. It's just another reason to expect no favorable new trade deals from the current administration after Brexit. You might consider a change to calling Liz Warren a brave warrior, David.

Many years ago at an Intelligence Conference we had a learned gent give us an interesting talk on politics.

His concept was an interesting one. Briefly it posited that the popular concept of the far totalitarian left [communism]running to the right through lesser forms of socialism to some middle ground before continuing to the right through various free market ideas to the far totalitarian right [facism] was flawed.

His idea was that on one end of this continuum, left or right, you had total government control of everything in society gradually morphing into a total no controls free market. Both extremities were undesirable and a society had to decide where it wanted to sit on this continuum.

I am no political swot but his idea seems logical. The difficult bit is picking the most beneficial part of the proposition.


Your lecturer's scheme makes a lot more sense than the one most people think of now.

I believe Hobsbawm was a welcomed frequent visitor to Chateau Milliband in days of yore when no doubt he was kindly Uncle Eric to those little rascals Ed and Dave. No wonder they're both so flawed.

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