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Monday, 25 February 2019


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There certainly is a lot of sport to be had with the French and Germans at this point, but let's not forget the Concorde SST, the Brit and French wonderplane:

Boeing certainly is on a roll lately. They've also given Canada's Bombardier heartburn. But as Canadians complain, Boeing is no stranger to government subsidies:

As someone who actually worked in aerospace, I can assure you the industry couldn't exist without taxpayers. Boeing just has the best team of lawyers ready to take advantage of any mistake by competitors.

Honestly, Bob, you're such a 'mechanic'! Don't you realise that Concorde was a work of art! - section on controversies.

I'm sure someone can answer this, but the tax payers' money put into Airbus seems to have been nation state tax payers dosh i.e. France and Germany, not EU money?

Another nation state cock-up then, that the EU will likely have to poop-scoop like all the others: Poland corrupting its judiciary, Hungary corrupting everything, Merkel's open door immigration, Greece and Italy fiscal incontinence.

And Boeing have been up to much the same: $5.4bn fine earlier on for illegal military and NASA funding, and more likely to follow as the EU retaliates with lawyers bringing cases to the WTO.

And finally, well, at least the US and EU have got an aircraft industry to be protectionist about, which is more than you can say for Blighty!

As an anti-EU, pro-Brexit mud-sling that was a bit of a plane crash, if I may say so.


Britain embraced the EEC, EU and a consequence was is that those in power who benefited were oblivious to the conditions of the working classes. The fall of the EU is the only way the corruption can be revealed.

If you visit the French museum at Waterloo, you will find to your surprise that they won the Battle of Waterloo! The A380 was just an another example of French illusions of grandeur.

Great call Gaffer!

Was that "The Kiss of Duff" working its distructive powers?

Airbus can clean up the commercial aircraft market now Boeing is ducked ...

Viva EU enterprise!


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