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Sunday, 10 February 2019


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Tom Bower's book will be interesting, if his book on Blair is anything to go by. Bower doesn't have a great style, but what is particularly impressive is that he meticulously attributes all his claims to actual conversations with real individuals who are referenced. He evidently persuades them to go "on the record", in a lengthy series of footnotes, rather than relying on half-truths and innuendo. The premise seems to be that politicians such as Blair and Corbyn are so loathsome that there is no need to add anything. They stand condemned by their own actions.

Tomorrow is your final day? No doubt you will be taking a gift as a token of appreciation?

A communist state being eaten away from the inside? If only someone had warned them of what would eventually happen!

Congrats on the completion of what was probably cyberknife treatment. It's no picnic, but it definitely beats a scalpel. Try to be thankful the scientists and engineers that made it real weren't delayed by an over-long, politically-funded argument over prostate cancer being a hoax.

In Corbyn's case 'dodo' would be more descriptive if only because 'weasel' fits Farage so much better.

On Corbyn I was amused by a Guardian article about how remainers in Bristol feel betrayed. Apparently they thought he would fight Brexit despite standing on a manifesto promising to respect the referendum and enact policies which would not be allowed in the EU.
And they were predominantly from our educated elite!

"And they were predominantly from our educated elite!"
A mob of people largely responsible for much decay in the West.

Whiters, yes, I have already purchased two large boxes of chocolates for the lads and lasses who operate those whizzy-do machines. I have no idea whether or not they know what they are doing but what I like is their unfailing courtesy and good humour.

Bob, alas no, I tried for the cyber-knife under orders from SoD but my 'blotch', although only medium size, was too big for such delicate treatment. Instead I have received a full broadside but I never cried because, well, it never hurt! And yet again, Bob, you mistake Farage who will go down in history as one of the most effective politicians of this age.

Pat, Corbyn is the next most disgusting politician in the land. Top, or should that be 'bottom', prize goes to his dangerous, mad second-in-command, John McDonnell, a particularly foul anti-Semite who gets his rocks off on IRA killers!

David, sincerely glad your internal waste systems have lasted ten years longer than mine. I recall a visit years ago from the social now the DWP and was asked how long does it take you to go to the toilet! (meaning how long does it take you to piss or shite) the British are polite in such matters). I replied how long does it take you.


"I...was asked how long does it take you to go to the toilet! (meaning how long does it take you to piss or shite) the British are polite in such matters). I replied how long does it take you."

You should have told them "Now we've got the inside toilet fitted, it takes ten minutes less than it used to!"

I plan to use that response in the near future if it's okay...

David, you're right that Farage is "effective". "Polecat" might be more appropriate.

Whyaxye/Whitewall, We did not have those modern stair lifts tae take us doon ra stairs in those days. You just bumned it doon ra stairs an waited in ra Q with the daily newspaper tae wipe yer erse. My Ma used tae take her turn in providing the newspaper squares for the three hooses and stuck them oan ra lavvie chain. The joke was the news could be read on some buddies erse if you could stand the smell.

Uhmmm David, I've a feeling ... umm hope mebbe, your docs will have let you in on a little secret ... Might have to ask 'em though - which, if they don't volunteer it, ask them!

I haven't a clue what's available onto your side of the pond but if this stuff is:

Which; along with a fiber intensive couple of weeks diet - and the good news, loads of beef (venison if its available - lamb will do) Anyway that'll get you back regular in good order.

Of course should the good Missus request you take up residence in some other quarter of the castle until "the magic" does its work I'd suggest if it's available - upstairs!

If I was the 'Memsahib', I would ship our host to Glesga's place until everything "worked out"!

Aye Whitewall, aye.

Then again as I was thinking, our host has mentioned 'the castle's been settling by the moorings' - as the probiotics does they works that should take some of the load offa the piers an' SoD (good son as he surely is) will be around to rechunk the footings.

Before the rainy season sets back in as it surely will.

One last David,

Probably better you not reckon on its always an' always goona be a gales to blow so's best to be not always expectin' standing down in the bog's the best attitude to take.

No, Bob, a man who dared to take on the establishment and took the 'peeps' along with him in a superb example of democracy at work. How many of those have you got 'over there'?

Thank you, JK, and I know you had my good health in mind but as much as possible I just let my old carcass sort itself out in it's own way. Perhaps the best cure will come after tomorrow when I can stop drinking all that bloody-bloody water the nursies insist on! God, how I hate that stuff!!!!!

Still David, ask the medicos an' see for yourself whether I'm tellin'you right.

I am though I'll rightly admit to, kina fining myself rightly amused you've not been enlightened with some proper 'English Witticism' as our Quacks here have taken to, what you're calling "that bloody-bloody water" been taken by our medicos to more, appropriately (an' always with a knowing grin) to be called

"Go Lightly."

As if

I just tell anyone who's interested (And quite a few who profess not to be)that after a certain age, nature no longer calls. No, nature screams.

David, we have one in our top elected office so we win. Sort of.

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