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Friday, 01 February 2019


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Their God- "Yowa the Great Spirit"

Don't be so modest, David. Brit politicians, particularly the English, are absolutely delightful when they repeat daft things with straight faces and classy accents. Take Mrs. May for example. Every time she promises a better deal I can't help but guffaw.

Cherokee God. And there's me - always believing he was English!

Even the 1/1024 percentage is misleading.

North American tribes refuse to provide info to commercial DNA data bases. These companies, therefore, use genome markers from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico which they assert are similar to those of North American tribes (How do they know?) Poor Elizabeth Warren, therefore, might be 1/1024th Hispanic. There is zero proof that she has any Cherokee or other North American Indian blood as she has claimed for years.

She made the whole thing up to gain advantages in affirmative action hiring programs at US universities. She's a 100% fraud, and she's got the crazy eyes.

"She's a 100% fraud, and she's got the crazy eyes."

Thanks, 'Dippers', that should ensure she wins the Democrat nomination!

Hold your horses there Kemosabe!

Figured David, you'd get a kick outta that.

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