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Tuesday, 26 February 2019


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The EU is never going to willingly free one of its colonies. That sort of thing can catch on. People will be forced to decide what they are willing to be loyal to.

Your last sentence is quite telling. Our political class know that the "leave" contingent will be inexorably whittled away due to them dying off, and due to people giving up hope as they see that no amount of effort makes any difference. The government have probably planned for a few large demonstrations on the scale of the "Poll Tax Riots" and the "Countryside Alliance". (I know from neighbours that all police leave has been cancelled!) Violent dissent will be mopped up by local police forces, because it will be scattered and easily marginalised. Meanwhile, the BBC will go on about a "lucky escape", the EU will offer European scholarships, easier travel, and other sweeteners for the young. In a few years, there will be marginalised voices crying in the wilderness, patronised by the media just like Farage used to be around 2008.

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Peace for our time, then:

Told you that fetching gilet jaune would come in handy

David, one of the biggest problems with your Brexit analysis is the idea Britain would suffer a "bloody nose" leaving without a deal. It would actually be more like traumatic spinal injury.

Even that old reprobate Corbyn has half-heartedly supported a second referendum. It will be interesting to see how your argument changes if it happens and comes out 52-48% to remain.

If the 2016 referendum had come out 52-48 for remain, I expect Mr Duff would have accepted it as the verdict of his fellow voters. But of course, he is not, like you Bob, a creature of the left. A second referendum is another matter. We have had a people's vote and I would think that the majority opinion in the UK is now for the ruling establishment to just get on with it.

backofanenvelope, my assumed leftism aside, you might be right about the majority opinion, but maybe not. I'm amazed by the complex chaos of UK politics at the moment and have serious doubts you speak for a clear majority anywhere.

So let’s keep having referendums until we get the right answer? I don’t think so.

"People will be forced to decide what they are willing to be loyal to."

Why can't they just be loyal to themselves as individuals? ...


SoD, "Why can't they just be loyal to themselves as individuals?" That sounds like a dead civilization.

The EEC/EU was never meant to be a democracy it is a Colonial folly waiting to be decapitated.

Bob, there is no chaos the punters plod along as they do. The media however are in chaos with their agendas.


Please tell me if I'm wrong about these Brexit-related items:

Both major parties are divided
Mrs. May is seeking to delay, not conclude
Mrs. May has developed a habit or tick of beating dead horses
The Scots are considering leaving the UK
The Irish are definitely not playing along on the backstop
No one understands how trade would work afterward

I could go on. A plod seems a bit of an understatement, but maybe that's just me.



American and British Libertarians are different, and there's always the "common language that divides us" thing going on. However, it struck me a while back that, by your lights, I'd misrepresented my place on the Nolan chart. I am 100% against authoritarianism as a philosophy or in practice and therefore share your lofty view from the very peak of the chart. My apologies.

Bob, the above sounds a bit like the social, cultural and political climate in the American Colonies of the mid 1770s. Perfect time for a gut busting Rebellion and then Revolt.

Bob, I was doon ra pub the other night and everybody was in a panic about leaving the EU. An Englishman even payed for a round of drinks, that is panic. After resuscitation he got a rebate.

Glezza, an Englishman paid for a round? First round ever bought in that boozer then, was it? ;-)


"I have, by and large, avoided any severe attacks on the lady who is, quite obviously, out of her depth."

"there never was going to be a deal of any sort because the EU did not, do not and will not offer one! "

Gaffer, they might be your biggest whoopsie predictions yet!

As I've been predicting, May's manoeuvre of the central position with her deal might be about to destroy "no deal" and "Remain".

That will mean, contrary to your two above assertions, that there was in fact going to be a deal - hers - and that far from being "out of her depth" she's a consummate, courageous, sassy pol at the peak of her game.

Who will be right: FoD or SoD?!


Oooh, dear oh dear, gaffer! JRM's bottled it and is gonna vote for May's deal! ...

The Mogg's for turning! What a splitter, eh? A total pussy-fart of the first order! I think the odds just shifted in my favour a tad there, no?!

And you've gotta admit, if that woman gets her deal through you'll have to admire her courage and sass.

Has anyone noticed the similarity between Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Duke of York at the battle of Tourcoing? ...

Jacob Rees-Mogg leading the lads - link

The Duke of York retiring from the Battle of Tourcoing - link

Are they by any chance related?

Mwah-ha-ha (evil laugh)!


The Proddies have bolted too! Bloody hell, just like a battle, when the "Nous sommes trahis, sauve qui peut!" moment comes, it comes quick! ...

Imagine me sticking a mic under your nose, Glezza, as your army streams from the battlefield, and asking, "How do you feel right now?"

The swear-box has been temporarily suspended, let it all out ...


Whitewall, you could be right. Evidently there are a significant number in the UK who feel they've been colonized. All things considered though, it might be closer to our Civil War; a number of states unhappy with the Union.


Glesga, it's a mad world.

And now Jezza and the Bolsheviks have caved in too! ...

Gaffer, you might want to change the title of this post to "Theresa May approaches her Winston Churchill moment".

By George and all the Saints, what was it the Iron Duke said about Boney after being humbugged by him at Quatres Bras, updated for today's context, "By God this woman does war honour".

Given war, as Clausewitz let us know, is politics by other means, a fitting tribute to Teflon Theresa, methinks.



I can remember, just, a dance called the Limbo. And that is where your heroine is going to dump us. We have never had much influence over the Franco-German racket known as the EU. Now we shall have none.

BOE, I entirely agree.

I would much rather Remain where we can have direct political influence over the Jerries for sure, especially now. Giving them a kicking over Nord Stream 2 with the Don standing next to us after he's dealt with China - coz you just know the EU is next in line - although a pleasure to watch, wouldn't half be better with us doing some stomping as well.

But there are very sharp pointy weapons in the backstop for Blighty to use also. I urge you to reread the legal advice extracted from Blighty's government lawyer geezer in December last year. It's only 6 pages and points 17-23 entitled "The EU Perspective" are all you need to know ...

Buy property in Northern Ireland, is all I can say. NI is going to become the new Switzerland of Europe if May's deal goes through and ends up sliding into the backstop.

And buy property on the West coast of Scotland, England and Wales. A tonne of service and process work will be shipped over the Irish Sea for those mainland regions to work on, with the finished good heading for destinations all around the EU and Blighty. Because NI is in both the single market and customs unions of the EU and UK under the backstop, unlike the rest of the planet. And mainland Blighty can launder services into those NI goods like the smugglers of old who defied Boney et al. In the backstop the only place in the world worth putting manufacturing plant for both markets will be NI.

And all that plus Trump's coming assault storm on the EU will put Super Fortress payload sized craters in the Jerry manufacturing industry that will make the 1,000 bomber raid look mild.

And that will very soon become political - in our favour against the Jerries.

Chin-up chuck - it's a win-win for Blighty now Teflon Theresa's done her work and "No deal" is off the table: "May's Deal" or "Remain".


"Another senior Tory, Robert Halfon, chair of the education select committee, said he would support May’s deal having voted against in January. “We face economic calamity if there is no deal or political calamity if there is a second referendum, which would destroy trust in our democracy.”"

If that's not a Manoeuvre of the Central Position resulting in a divided enemy brought to heel, then I'm a monkey's uncle.


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