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Friday, 15 February 2019


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"I may have to seek refuge in the EU!"

Yes, quite.


Irony, SoD, irony!

If Great Britain was not an EU member already, would She be hankering to join it now?

If GB wasn't a member of the EU we would've gone broke (more broke than we were in 1975) and ended up like Venezuela already. So the sooner the better after 1975 for hankering to join.

On the terms Dave Cam negotiated - which are the best of any member of the EU - would be rather nice too.

Let's hope the EU will be willing to offer us Dave's deal when the second referendum (actually the third referendum) turns up a 66-34 "Remain" to match the joining referendum, eh?


Dream on, SoD!

Whitewall, we joined the EEC and the British people were assured there would be no polital convergence. This was a lie and there was. The chickens have come home to roost since then. The EEC now the EU is probably competing with the USA in corruption. And the EU investigate themselves!

May both governing bodies shoot their respective selves until they either get better or go away!

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