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Saturday, 02 February 2019


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David, you are a trophy husband?

I hope the bill won't be "halfway between SoD and ourselves". Spend lavishly, DD, and don't wince when she orders her favourites!

Congratulations to your blushing bride, and many more.

That's what I keep telling her, Whiters!

Usually, 'W', we have a stand up row over who is going to pay - and usually he wins!

Thanks, Hank, but when you say "and many more", does that refer to "blushing brides"?

I'm guessing birthday lunch was topped off with a healthy portion of Tiramisu. Each.

Best wishes to the Mrs. I'd expect she's the definition of a strong woman.

Alas, no, Whiters, it wasn't on the menu so I had to force something 'chocolatey' down my throat - but I'm not one to complain!

Thank you, Bob, but what on earth makes you suppose she must be a strong woman? I was and still am putty in her hands!

A truly remarkable woman.
Have a wonderful day and may there be many more.

Thanks, Andra, on her behalf.

Give my best to the Missus.

David I wish your long suffering Mrs Aw ra best and hope she wiil continue tae remove ra dishes fae ra sink tae allow ye tae pee in it. Best Wishes, Jimmy

Happy birthday Memsahib! All my best wishes.

I'm standing facing in the direction of Milborne Port and raising a cold one in your direction.

Happy birthday Mrs Duffers.

Andra, I see what you mean!

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