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Thursday, 28 February 2019


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And a nation torn apart will be ruled by one thing. The gun.

Harry Reid had no trouble abolishing the filibuster when he thought it suited. Any other Senate leader could do the same. The convention having been abandoned once cannot be reinstated short of a constitutional amendment.
It's passing is indeed regrettable, but it is past and it would now be stupid of either party not to to recognise that.

The filibuster isn't what most people think. It came into being accidentally and been constantly abused as a parliamentary trick for the past few decades:

"The ability to block a measure through extended debate was an inadvertent side effect of an 1806 rule change, and was infrequently used during much of the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1970, the Senate adopted a "two-track" procedure to prevent filibusters from stopping all other Senate business. The minority then felt politically safer in threatening filibusters more regularly, which became normalized over time to the point that 60 votes are now required to end debate on nearly every controversial legislative item, instead of the previously held simple majority standard. As a result, the modern "filibuster" rarely manifests as an extended floor debate. Instead, "the contemporary Senate has morphed into a 60-vote institution — the new normal for approving measures or matters — a fundamental transformation from earlier years."[2] This effective supermajority requirement has had very significant policy and political impacts on Congress and the other branches of government."

Where have all the "constitutional originalists" gone?

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