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Thursday, 21 March 2019


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"Brexit" Modern English usage: How governing elites dismiss, ignore, undermine and betray those they rule. Secondary meaning- How New Zealand and the rest of the Anglosphere ignore, undermine and betray those they rule in favor of enemies foreign and domestic.

I thought it was 7,487,842 times. Anyway, SoD will be along shortly, to explain its all your fault!

All y'all, including SoD, haven't had much to say about what would happen after Brexit. The most likely result would be the reduction of the UK to England and Wales, and the end of Britain as a world power. No sense to link anything, since it would be ignored or removed. If you don't see it, it doesn't exist, eh?

"If you don't see it, it doesn't exist, eh?"
Good God Almighty! Those of us on the Right have been asking those of you on the Left that very question for nearly a century! Post Brexit would not be fully discernable. The history of the 20th century is. And still the Left persists because they won't see it.


I am not a leftist. Like most of your ilk, you assume anyone who isn't on the far right must be on the far left. The judgement of the right has been proven wrong many times. Consider the Iraq invasion as only one example.

Bob, most likely future sequence: What (and Who) ...

1. May's deal voted down. (Dad's Army and the Paddies)
2. No EU extension offer. ("No deal, no extension" - Donald Tusk).
3. UK revokes A50. (Parliament - then several MP's assaulted or murdered).
4. UK has second (third?) referendum. (Hoi-polloi).
5. UK Remains.



You're nearly certainly right about step 5. Isolationism is great except for the third-world living standard and lack of influence. Your pols would rather be murdered sooner than later.

We leave with no deal - nothing much happens. This is because the EU countries and the UK are full of normal people. It is unfortunate that the politicians and top civil service are full of hard left people like you Bob. And people like SoD, who enjoy a good phantasy.

It's not so much the word Brexit, but if I ever see another photo or cartoon of T. fecking May again I will chew the furniture.


Sooooo, how do you normal people defy the established international law & order so that nothing much happens? Normal magic?

Jack, SIT! I've told you before about chewing the furniture - only SoD is allowed to do that!

Bob, so "The most likely result would be the reduction of the UK to England and Wales, and the end of Britain as a world power." To which I can only reply, "'tis a consummation devoutly to be wished"!

Also, Bob, if volunteering to subsume your own sovereignty is such a good thing, when will the USA form a similar union with South and Central America and Canada? Jes' askin'!

Steps 1-5 still in order, albeit the EU has just given Teflon a 2-week stay of execution.

So new A50 revocation date April 12th.

Bloody annoying, Fluffbun and I are escaping to Czech Rep on the original Brexit day 29th March. I was looking forward to watching Dad's Army spontaneously combust from a safe distance when the last minute revocation of A50 came through the news wires.


Be sure to drop bread crumbs along the way if you leave. You'll want to return soon enough.

David (& backofanenvelope),

The idea of normal people is fascinating. How do you all know each other are normal? Do you, oh, all go to the beach and put your towels and blankets down exactly 1 metre apart and turn your heads to each other and say, "I'm normal," "I'm normal too," and so on? I'd like to see that.

We already have trade and other agreements with Canada and Central and South American countries. So far we're not in a position to behave as one massive society, but maybe some day. It's a goal. Miami is already called "The Capitol of South America". These days most of Canada is nearly identical to the US, except they put a higher value on social cohesiveness so they don't all freeze to death.

Problem is, until recently our government has only really been interested in kicking ass south of the border when they start acting silly down there, or taking financial advantage of the imbalance of development. So our relations are probably more strained than Britain and Germany or France's, which are at comparable stages of development, even though some of you nurse old resentments. Some of South America is much more cozy with China. It's complicated.

You really wouldn't want to be more insular than you already are. It might sound good now, but most Brits would end up being very disappointed.

The whole thing seems to be a total waste of everything.
Back to square One then?

Bob thank you for sharing your views with us, they seem fairly standard middle of the road collectivist globalist bollocks if I may say so. I think you probably share the delusion that the EU is just the same as the good old common market, or possibly the Coal and Steel community or whatever it was before that?

Well it isn't. It is far more pernicious and almost unbelievably anti-democratic, and it is a movement which is well on the way to destroying the political structures of the European continent forged in blood over centuries and replacing them with a rather wobbly and ill thought out structure based on a bastard fusion of the napoleonic code and hegelism.

An analogy would be to tear down a collection of ancient barns built of seasoned oak and local stone, each shaped to suit its exact loaction and purpose, and replace it with a large structure "built" of thin-walled tubular mild steel (like the cheap garden pergolas you can find down the local DIY centre) covered in brightly coloured bio-degradable plastic sheet.

If I lift my leg against it it'll rust away in no time!

Anyway, time for a biscuit.

The penny finally drips for Fraser Nelson ...

Teflon Theresa must attach herself to the lead column of the final assault and leave her mortal remains on the field of glory.

Only that way will her deal go through.

She will be remembered as a British heroine who took one for the country with courage and dignity. Not a soul in Blighty would denigrate someone with such proven virtues.

This is the ultimate valuation of Teflon Theresa as a person and human being, a truly Shakespearean dramatic moment: can she suppress her political gene that drives her to power for the sake of 65,000,000 souls? Or is "the force strong in this one" as Yoda once said.

Is she made so thoroughly of the stuff that made Jo Stalin say, "One death is a tragedy, but one million deaths is a mere statistic", and Boney say, "I'm more powerful than him, I spend 30,000 lives a month", or is she enough of one of us to suppress the urge?

There is an interesting fork in the road here to: if the MP's still vote her deal down, then she is vindicated in all she said about them and can seize the "will of the people" in as many ways as such will can be seized.

This might assauge the political gene is her, it meaning that her outcomes from the fork in the road is eternal glory and a revering people or a fresh blast of power which might take her who knows where.

Pols at the top of their game and at the historic turning point are always faced with this moment. How awesome to see it played out before us in the round next week.

Life's going to be fucking boring when this is over (50p in the swear box Gaffer), I might have to get back down to the Farnborough Wargames Society and roll Fluffbun in the hay a bit more for ents.


Jack the dog, you deserve an extra biscuit for that excellent 'woof-woof'!

Normality. Personally, I think the spacing between beach towels is a matter for the individual owners of the towels. Of course, for our American socialist friend, we obviously need beach inspectors with tape measures.

Have I missed something, or is it PreBrexit-traumatic Stress Disorder?
Why are we having another vote on Mayday's shameful sellout deal when Bullfrog Bercow ruled it out last week.


"It (the EU) is ... unbelievably anti-democratic"

The executive: The president is chosen by the heads of state of the 28 (the European Council), who are elected by us. The legislative: The bicameral legislative bodies are elected, namely, the Council of the Europe Union (28 ministers from each state) and the European Parliament. Judicial: The ECJ is independent of the executive and legislative bodies.

That is as close to enlightenment democratic principles as it is possible to be.

In contrast: Blighty's executive: The PM is chosen by a political party and elected by only 1/650 of the population. The cabinet is appointed by the PM and elected by only 1/650 of the population. The executive votes in the legislative body, which is an absolute direct contradiction of the enlightenment democratic principle of separation of powers. The legislative: One half is not elected at all, a hark back to the purest form of anti-democracy: monarchy. Judicial: Is independent of the executive and legislative bodies.

So on empirical, factual, evidence: Blighty is less democratic than the EU.


heads of state of the 28 (the European Council), who are elected by us.

The Queen is the British head of state, when did we elect her? If you say that the Prime Minister is the head of state as far as the European Council is concerned, you've just explained that few of us voted for her.

backofanenvelope & Jack the dog & David,

I would guess that normal people would do everything within the realm of normalcy on their own, without government interference; a sort of hive mind if you will.

I am neither for nor against globalization. It's just something that's happening and has been for a long time. The EU seems to be following a path much like our union did. There were many disagreements over "states' rights" and so on. It took war to settle things here. With any luck that won't happen to y'all.

The morning news contains an item about the UK stocking up on toilet paper. It seems nearly all of it is produced on the continent. If you crash out of the union you might want to practice up with your left hands and bowls of warm water. It's darkly amusing that story is one our press loved to repeat during Soviet shortages, often of toilet paper.

You might think we'd like to believe, over here, that at least there's a country even more deviant than ours and have a good larf over Brexit. That is not the case. We still, though not as much as when I was young, look to Europeans to be more refined and unflappable than Americans. You're letting us down bigtime.

David, exactly how far would you like to rewind the tape? Back to the Celtic Britons? Somewhere in between now and then?

Don't worry about us running out of toilet paper Bob, most of us on here can remember using little squares of newspaper!

backofanenvelope, do you still produce your own newsprint?


You're not barking any more.

What's wrong, cat got your tongue?


Bob, newspapers were invented for wiping the erse. My Ma used to cut the papers into squares and punch a hole in the corner. It was then hung on the lavvie chain for convenience. The neighbours took turns in doing so. Aye those were the days wan toilet lots of shit.

Glesga, they don't make anything the way they used to, eh? My good memories of taking a dump are more recent.

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