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Thursday, 28 March 2019


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Does it strike anyone else that May's offer to quit if Parliament would vote for her is a little, oh I don't know, counter-intuitive? Or maybe even Desperate and silly?

DD, Bercow is a strange case because his punishment preceded his crime. He was a dwarf cuckold before he ever started abusing his official position. But, as he will continue to be so after he is kicked out, justice will nevertheless be done.

Sorry to be off-topic David (or maybe this'll be a welcome respite from "the normal" of what we're all being forced to endure lately)

From this morning's NightWatch


"Relations strained again. Afghanistan recalled its ambassador to Pakistan to protest remarks by Prime Minister Imram Khan on 25 March that Afghan authorities should form an interim government to help the peace talks.

The US ambassador to Afghanistan tweeted that the prime minister should mind his own business but used analogies from cricket to try to soften the comment.

A Pakistani minister responded in a tweet by calling the US ambassador a little pygmy who did not know the region or cricket. Pakistanis consider the cricket tweet a serious breach of diplomatic protocol.

Prime Minister Khan’s office said his statements about Afghanistan were taken out of context."

Comment: "The serious dimension to the latest tension is that Afghan President Ghani and his ministers know they are under surrounded by enemies and sense they are being mistreated and abandoned by their main ally.

They are cut out of talks in which the Taliban talk like conquerors and the US negotiated the terms of its withdrawal before negotiating peace.

This week, a US team walked out of talks with the Afghan government in which President Ghani’s national security advisor was present. The US has refused to have any dealings with him because he insulted the US special envoy Khalilzad.

Imram Khan’s comment was no mistake. Pakistani leaders judge the Taliban have as much right to govern Afghanistan as does the US-backed government. They also see the US has put distance between itself and the Ghani government. The Taliban thugs are receiving more courteous treatment than the Ghani government.

Pakistani and US officials are using language that Afghan government officials interpret as signaling their final days.

There is a crisis in US relations with Afghanistan, and it portends a large anti-US backlash, as Afghan patience ends. In defiance of the US, President Ghani has not dismissed his national security advisor who has not apologized. The Afghans will find a way. Switching sides and playing both sides are historic Afghan traditions, according to Dupree."

Thanks a million, JK, for bringing up a tangled web of "unknown unknowns" which makes Brexit look like "simples"!

Let's see, seize control of mass communication and then, monitor the movements, meaning where-a bouts of every subject. If the history of the twentieth century wasn't so recent...this could be an episode of the first Star Trek series.

Reckon David it has anything to do with US' know of cricket the, uhm, sport?

JK, you are, as usual, a very naughty boy because you revel in obscurity! Dammit, man, just say what you mean in intelligible English!

Sorry David, I intended 'knowledge of' - it's just that there's this Bob guy visits here who, if he was a rock would be stuck in some bird's craw. But unfortunately he ain't simply some mineral 'cause he's got internet access.

Happy Brexit day y'all!

Well, not actually Brexit day of course, it's been extended, but any excuse for a trip to Czech land will do.

Bob, May's offering to resign might seem counter-intuitive to whom? Not her, she turned a bunch of no-dealers to her cause, just not enough (yet).

She also succeeded in showing everyone beyond any doubt what a pair of slimeballs JRM and BoJo are. Never mind what the country needs, principles, or consistency, the merest hint of a chance of the top job and suddenly the country and principles can go duck themselves. Maybe that's what you mean - counter-intuitive from the BoJo JRM standpoint?

Made me so angry I got a one comment ban.

Be sure, the Brit hoi-polloi will have noted that clever disrobing of the JRM and BoJo faction. Come the next election they will pay a price if they get leadership of the Tories. Then Bolshevism in Blighty will be on their scorecard too.

And the Gaffer and crew stand by these two scumbags? Call them principled men?

Quite unbelievable really.



May's offer seems counter-intuitive to me, for one. She is essentially saying everyone hates her for her handling of Brexit so they should vote for her plan so she'll go away. It might have picked up a few votes, but in the logic of politics it is bizarre.

Hard core Brexiters seem much like our Trumpsters. I know a few in real life and, believe me, nothing is going to change their minds. If Trump said he can turn Trump vodka into Stolichnaya they'd believe it. Right now he's trying to make a case he's being sacrificed for the sins of the rule of law. Fellini would love the script. But he would find Trump's Benito Mussolini impression lacking. The stuck-out chin is pretty good, but otherwise he looks like a fat, bleached prune with mould growing on it.


You are making me very sad.

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