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Monday, 11 March 2019


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Spot on. It's an unholy mixture of self-interested deception and incompetence. We often hear politicians arguing about whether they have a mandate for a particular course or item of legislation, but on this occasion they were handed the clearest mandate conceivable in terms of our constitution. Most MPs have chosen to ignore that. And the government have apparently failed to prepare for leaving, despite Cameron initiating the Brexit referendum three years ago and it being the defining issue of May's miserable tenure. Utterly useless.

If anyone here is going to put in a kind word for the hapless Mrs. May it will have to be me. She was put in an impossible situation by David Cameron, whose reliance on assumptions was rather stupid. Your system of government is no more a pure democracy than ours. You got May's Brexit negotiations, we got Trump.

Every science and tech student around the world has probably heard or read this: What happens when we assume. We make an ass of u and me.

Bob : Bollox on stilts. May campaigned for & has made every effort to ignore/bypass the Referendum result of 2016. Her faux "negotiations" with the EU will be a masterpiece to be dissected by many a PhD wonk in years to come. Assuming she & the rest of the political class in Westminster are not summarily executed after March 29.

"Assuming she & the rest of the political class in Westminster are not summarily executed after March 29."

Pay tv or free I wonder?

david Morris, they the remainers will get away with it if Mrs May gets her way. And who remembers what happened last week when you have the rent to pay. The British political elite are masters at fudge and the voting majority are arses when they do not conform.

Defied the will of the people, my arse.

May's deal is Brexit and No Deal is Brexit, that's 2 out of 3 of the options on the table.

And that's more than you bloody well deserve for 52:48.


Twitter saying legally binding changes to the deal are emerging from May-Juncker talks.

For you Tommy, ze vorr iz over.


Beautifully stage managed by May's team. I bet the Attorney-General had it in the bag when he went to Brussels last week. Was told to hold onto his codpiece until Teflon Theresa's fake negotiation visit tonight and then declare a legally binding change tomorrow morning ready for the afternoon vote.

This is going to be a damn close run thing.


david morris,

Sure. And Trump campaigned on infrastructure, great health care, a 21st century Great Wall and stopping jobs from being sent offshore. All politicians lie, but not all of them are as dumb as Cameron. It should have been impressed on the public how limited your options were before the referendum. It's not like the political class didn't know. They just assumed the voters would vote to stay. Our political class assumed Trump couldn't win. Surprises all around.

Gaffer, if Codpiece Cox says that the deal is now legally exitable and JRM u-turns and votes for it, will JRM win your renowned and esteemed D&N award: "Absolute and totally irredeemable Pussy of the Century Trophy"?!!

I think we should be told!

Can't wait!


Sacre Bleu!!!

Has Codpiece Cox trashed Teflon Theresa's "Manoeuvre of the Central Position"? He says the backstop is still a trap! Will JRM stiffen his upper lip and vote against May's deal now and put TT in a "Double Cannae" of Brexiteers one side and Remainers the other?!

If so it's very bad news for Brexiteers, coz it'll mean TT will have to deploy her reserve: "The Referendum is coming ..."


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