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Thursday, 07 March 2019


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Fox News is not news. It's a right wing and Trump administration propaganda outlet. A few of their talk show "personalities" seem to have a lot of sway over the government at the moment. If Joe Goebbels had run a news channel, it would have been a lot like Fox.

One Commie Lib rag publishes a fake news story about Fox not properly reporting a story, the thing goes viral and is grabbed by the DNC collusionists to omit anyone who might ask a string of jokers in the 'progressive tribe' a tough question. Thus once again proving Trump's assertion that the MSM is, or is becoming, an enemy of the people. Modern journalism is deciding what info the public shouldn't know depending on how it reflects on "Democrats".

But, Bob, I assume you believe that all the other "news" is honest and true! Yeeeeeeeeeees, quite!

Is there anyone dimmer than a Dem?

Answer - NO!


No. News outlets get stories wrong all the time. The respectable ones issue corrections and don't flak for their favorites.

"...and don't flak for their favorites."

Hmmm. So far I've been able to come up with Astronomy Magazine, and International Sheet Metal Review.

Bob, Fox gives fair and balanced news like all other news outlets!

Soooo, if reporters report something embarrassing to a politician you favor, it's only because they're in the tank for the other side. Makes sense to me.

I agree that if the only two parties left in America are the Evil Party and the Stupid Party the Democrats are definitely the latter. They just can't seem to do politics or PR to save their lives. They've gone from their idiotic "radical centrism" directly back into "new deal" mode. FDR hasn't been with us for some time now, few Americans know anything about history, and their branding is nearly irrelevant. They might win because the Republicans have reached a point of critical degeneration, but they'll probably never wise up.

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