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Saturday, 02 March 2019


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Well, Bob should enjoy reading about her idea of flaying Trump and making him into a rug!

It's hard to know whether "woke" women are asserting their independence or longing for some High Victorian style consideration and protection. I hope "Titania" provides as much material as that dumb as a sack of hammers 'Occasional-Cortex' is doing here!

Surely, Whiters, Ms.'Occasional Cortex'is a witty invention - oh, no, say it ain't so!


Who would want a misshapen, wrinkly orange rug with a stringy dyed yellow spot? Not me.

One way the right has it over the left at the moment is having a sense of humor. It might not be the best sense of humor, but it's better than none. In America the last time the left had one was in the 1960's. Though to be fair the '60's lasted well into the '70's. Here Smithsonian Magazine proves it has been consistently without one:

Oh I dunno Bob,

And David, didn't you mention quite recently your "needing a book"? Well, there you are.

JK, I've just punted that one in the post above! Anyway, I'm not sure Bob would get the joke!

"Twitter sensation", frivolity be thy name. Come to think of it, who else is famous for using Twitter?

On the other hand there are some righties funny in close to the same way. David Brooks of the NYT is just one example. His columns defending anything the Republican Party does are so predictably convoluted readers first wonder if he could possibly be serious then laugh whilst shaking their heads. Subnormality is above partisanship.

Much of the spice went out of the Telegraph with the disappearance of “Way of the World” but there was compensation in the arrival of the waspish humour of the late Auberon Waugh. He had an over-benevolent view of the EU as a harmless collection of “ Belgian ticket inspectors” but, apart from that, no deserving target escaped his bracing venom.

Since his demise there is only one small,diminished, demoted area of rational decency left in the Sunday Telegraph and that is Christopher Booker - who knows rather more than the late Auberon Waugh about the EU.

There's a brilliant quote at the head of the Wikipedia list of Peter Simple characters:

"Some of his characters are based on real people and some real people seem to be based on his characters."

Nice one, 'Nerdie'!

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