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Tuesday, 19 March 2019


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I have watched Speaker Bercow and he always sounds like he would be just as happy calling a boxing match for a radio audience. What a prick!

I actually am quite impressed with the unfettered ding-dong performance in parliament. Representative democracy fighting everyone's corner. Even Angela Merkel is exhausted apparently, that's a plus for Blighty's fighting ability: attrition is a valid means of war.

The Brit hoi-polloi voted for this in the last election which came *after* the referendum.

You get the government you deserve, and 52:48 in favour of Brexit followed by electing a pro-Remain parliament means you're getting *exactly* what you voted for.

Gridlock is perfectly ok, imho. While pols do nothing we, or rather I, the 3rd estate, gets "accidental Liberty".

That'll do. Gridlock for the rest of my days would do very nicely, thank you.


There are several theories about the reason for the flange on the end of the penis. Is it to enhance the pleasure of the male? Is it to enhance the pleasure of the female? In Bercow’s case it is there to stop his hand flying off the end.

Wigner's Friend,
Damn that is a good one!! Now I have to clean the coffee off my keyboard...

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