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Saturday, 16 March 2019


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Exactly. It doesn’t fit the narrative they embroider, so better ignored, eh. Might lead to some awkward juxtapositioning.

New Zealand doesn't exactly make much news here in the US but I can't imagine anything like this happening there before. I'm surprised that an anti Muslim reprisal like this hasn't become common place. What ever political ideology holds the government will most likely legislate quickly and wrong to address the symptom of a much larger problem. It ain't guns.

Interesting. Today we went to a friend's installation as a moderately important bigwig in the Church of England. He preached a sermon which included a reference to the NZ atrocity. Not a mention of the other example, though. Had I not read this blog, I would have been completely unaware of it.

I believe Sadiq Khan said that terror attacks were just part of living in big cities these days. And The Guardian's main fear is that terror attacks might spark violent reprisals from those who were attacked. But I think these views are only valid after Muslim terror attacks, and for some reason don't apply when this nasty boot happens to be on the other foot.

Violence in what's usually called a third world country isn't as unusual as that in a Commonwealth country. Nigeria ranks near the bottom for every aspect of quality of life. There is news available from Africa every day, but not many people living in the advanced world bother to read it.

Over the past few millennia Christianity has been every bit as barbaric as Islam. For example, The Inquisition was no walk through a park. However, Christianity is 600 years older than Islam and has been through a Reformation that mellowed it in comparison.

Bob, this killer was deemed to be on the hard right whatever that is. IRA killers some who collect salaries from the British taxpayer were supposedly on the left and even Marxists. Does this make the IRA good guys and the Aussie a very naughty boy?

It had to happen eventually.

The long history of Islamist attacks on "unbelievers" and the reluctance of officialdom to call out the issue of Islamic terrorism was bound to result in a violent backlash at some stage.

The media down here are having a feast on this.

It's kind of Bob to draw our attention to the terrible conditions in Northern Nigeria under the Spanish Inquisition.

I expect "all the proper people" to shift into hyper virtue signalling, demand confiscation of all firearms, and insist more Muslims or anyone else high on the 'protected ladder' be imported immediately. When those members of Western societies decide to notice that the source of attack on Western culture begins with corrupt governing classes, they will leave the symptoms alone and get to the origin of the problem. This can get ugly.


Unprovoked, fatal aggression is never ethically or morally correct. Would you like to be held personally responsible for every atrocity ever carried out by a Christian? I suspect not. That's not to say there aren't people who might. They're just as wrong as the ones who see all Muslims as mortal enemies. To say a lack of fine distinction is involved is to say the least.

Bob, the Islamic ethos is to kill anyone who is an unbeliever!

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