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Wednesday, 20 March 2019


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We have that procedure coming soon in our house.

Best wishes to the Mrs.

Amazing! things those 'Eye-Docs' manage anymore.

Back six, seven years ago they "had a go" with repairing some blast-effect stuff I'd purely accidentally inflicted on myself oh going on twenty or so years previous to that. (And the left side 'good eye'd' recently come under a cataract condition so I guess they figured "what the hell let's go for a twofer.")

Long story short - 20/20 with the cataracted and pretty doggone good with the shockwaved right.

Now if only they could come up with something to "fix" the lens of the blasted one so I wouldn't scare myself in the mirror when I midnight pee.

JK, leave the light off...

Best wishes to LaDuff

& Kudos to SoD

Best wishes to the Memsahib but it may be a good idea to check out that enormous clear plastic lens because modern technology is amazing. You don't want to find out too late that she can now see through walls but "forgot" to tell you.

Ummm Whitewall actually I do. Leave the light off that is.

The "problem" is just at the rightmost edge of the lens that was inserted required some sort of materials magic that, as I understand it, "captures and retains luminescence." Glows in the dark if you will.

Supposedly, again as I understand it and, as since the surgery my right-side peripheral vision isn't anymore deficient as it was, the magic material keeps the pupil in what the Eye-Wizards described "a steady state."

It was only in the very early weeks following the surgery (maybe 10 - 12 days) it was noticeable to me and then only in low-light to dark conditions that I thought at the time to make (ask) the Wizards to "reverse this shit please?" But then somehow I stopped noticing the effect. It never bothered me during daylight hours.

And really I've almost got to the automatic habit of closing my right eye-lid as I turn to leave the toilet (and pass the lavatory mirror) but sometimes still I pass the night in unfamiliar territory and at those times I don't always manage to memorize mirror placements.

Fortunately I've yet to shoot out any motel mirrors.

JK, does it glow red like Arnie’s eye in the first Terminator movie?

Yeah it's reddish. But not like the Terminator guy.

Thank God.

Whiters, I hasten to assure you that the 'Memsahib', much to her amazement felt absolutely nothing during the 'op' and only a minimal amount of discomfort since. Me? I would have fainted as the 'Quack' approached!

Memsahib is obviously much hardier than you dear Duffers. My very best wishes to her.


Just remember, at this point she knows where you are and what you are doing without looking. I hope she gets well soon.


Just remember, at this point she knows where you are and what you are doing without looking. I hope she gets well soon.

David, I'm told that is the case with the procedure. Eye Drs know to approach my eyes with caution as I warned one of them some years ago that unless I was given a moment to compose myself, I would break his arm.

Best wishes, and get well soon.

Best wishes to the mem, sir!

Here is to your better half recovering quickly and fully.

About "Brexit", we here across the pond have given up holding our breath for it to happen. Whilst I am 3 generations removed from the homeland (Devon), I cannot help but feel sad for the path taken since the 1970's (my first visit to the old country). I for one do urge all Britons to take up the fight and exit this very bad and detrimental EU experiment, quickly, then reverse the influx of foreigners (including entrants of former empire outposts). The loss of national identity (and local idiosyncrasies) is criminal. While I applaud modernization, it should not be at the expense of local colour and custom.

Raising a wee bit of Glenlivet in your direction.

My friend Wilma had both eyes "done" a few months ago and the results have been remarkable.
However, I did hear something recently that said they will not be doing this operation any more, there is something better and simpler.
Wonders still occur.

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