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Wednesday, 13 March 2019


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79 or not you are still welcome down here Duffers.

Imagine the trouble an aging Para and Matelot could get into with a bit of effort and imagination.

It is sad to see the Mother of Parliaments turn into a Prostitute of the EU.

The Barons of Magna Carta, Simon de Montfort's efforts in establishing the Parliament of 1265 and all those who have striven since to give voice to the ordinary citizen in the governance and future of their country must be turning in their graves.

The words of Recessional ring loudly

Far-called, our navies melt away;
On dune and headland sinks the fire:
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!

That last was actually me.

Don't know why it came up with "d"

As of this moment, this betrayal and sell out is how it looks when the people disappoint their ruling elite. If ever a free people have a right to march enmasse on their assembled rulers, Britain now holds that right.

What's that piece about its not over till the fat lady sings? Despite SoD's depiction of the EU leadership as heroic, in fact they are a bunch of plonkers. If it can be cocked up they will cock it up. That is without considering the problems the EU has outside the UK. The French have settled into a routine of burning the place down every weekend. The Swedes and Germans are struggling with all those nice muslims and the economies of the southern tier countries are going tits up. By the time our own plonkers have decided what to do - it will all have changed. Cheer up Duffers!

I guess I was right, then. The EU is akin to the old Mafia: once you're in, you can never leave . . .

So it turned out to be the Hotel California after all.

Chin up. We'll be out. Might take a general election or two, might be more painful than necessary, but we'll be out.
As BoE pointed out the EU has plenty of problems apart from us, and without a radical change of policy will fall apart in any case.

And in the mean time, why not join up with the nationalist factions of the Nordics, Baltics, Ost Blokkers, and Club Medders, our time honoured allies, and kick the shit out of the fucking Jerries and Frogs in Brussels like our forefathers did with cold steel and YOU can do with hot air?

Remember: YOU LIKE THAT. I LIKE THAT. At last, re-united.

Get up off the deck, stop being a bunch of pussies, and DO YOUR DUTY for those who gave with cold steel what you only have to do with hot air.


P.S. 50p in the swear box and I'll take a ban if necessary.

Cheer up. It's not 'over'. The only thing y'all agree on is to stall any eventual outcome. There might be another referendum. There could technically still be a hard Brexit. It doesn't look like any more negotiations are likely, but things could change. All that's sure for now is that the Torries are 'loosahs', as our distinguished leader would say.

SoD is much better at this sort of thing, for I am not naturally a cruel man. However, the mention of 'Hotel California' above reminds me of another Eagles song that even includes a reference to The Bard:

I must apologize for the typo. Nothing detracts from wise-assery more than double-tapping a key.

And here's one I thought of while driving home in the car this evening:

Let's say it's No Deal off the table, Extend the deadline on the table, what are the EU gonna say? Something like "£10bn a month for each month of the extension after 29th March".

And what's Teflon Theresa gonna say to the MP's in reply to that? "Well chaps, you wanna be the ones who saddled up Blighty for £10bn a month for more pontifications?
So shall we have a third go at my deal in parliament then?"

So ERG and DUP will have to think that one through good 'n' proper, and if their peanut brains don't get that May's deal is the only one that lets them live to fight another day, well, there's no hope for them.

So, Richard, unbelievable though it may seem, you might get another chance to see the only Brexit on offer actually happen.

"Once more into the breach ..."

This is dashed good stuff!


David, time tae get the puttees oot of the wardrobe and bull the boots. We will go doon fighting with or without our colostomy bags.

Just caught up on it all.

The tweak to the vote tonight that said it rules out No Deal in ALL circumstances not just 29th March is devastating for you Gaffer, I'm afraid. It means ...

1. ERG and DUP must surely go for May's deal if the opportunity presents. Chaps, you'll never see Brexit if you don't support May! But ...

2. The Remainers smell blood. Norway++ and all shapes of softer Brexit are back on the table, so if they voted for May's deal yesterday as good fellows acknowledging the "Will of the people" against their own, they certainly won't again now their favoured outcomes are a real possibility!

So just as Dad's Army might have woken up and clinched the only Brexit on offer the Remainers have woken up too and will take away as many votes for May's Deal as Dad's Army adds for it. So May's deal will never go through now.

It's Norway++ or Remain only now.

Sorry Gaffer.


Loz, all it takes is courage and we leave. The human race can survive even when faced with fascist dictators.

Oh ye of little faith!There is no time left for all these votes on deals, no deals, in/out etc. There are just 15 days left to go ,with two weekends included and the EU do not want us in there anymore as we will have to elect a new bunch of MEPs who will mostly be a disruptive element. As a passing thought, if Parliament will not obey their quite clear instructions to leave the EU, why should anyone obey any laws they may now pass. I am not saying there should be violence but a campaign of obstruction and bloody mindedness.

John, the EU smells blood too. They know Norway++ is back on the table. In Norway++ Blighty will have to pay for the privilege of being tied to the EU but with no voting power. That's the EU's optimal result: Blighty paying but with no power in Brussels to cause chaos. They'll extend if there's a chance of that.

However, Gaffer, the article 50 clause of the EEA / Norway++ is just 1 year with no backstop. Hard Brexiteers would live to fight another day.

Now you see the utter folly of hard Brexiteers not voting for May's deal. May's deal offered the only real Brexit. But you over-reached yourselves; pure hot-headed impetuosity! Like the Union and Household Brigades at Waterloo, you rode down d'Erlon's Corps columns (won the referendum in 2016) but then didn't rein-in!

Now the Boney's Polish lancers (actually the Chevaux-Legers-Lanciers) will have their way with you.


One for you, Jimmy ...


The Spelman amendment twist is a perfect example of how small tactical outcomes in the heat of battle can decide the course of the whole battle, campaign and war.

For all intents and purposes parliament has just committed Blighty to a backstop of its own making!

Spelman's amendment says Blighty will be in a deal arrangement with the EU forever.

It doesn't get more backstop than that, does it!

So now if Blighty does go for May's withdrawal deal, Blighty has lost its "No deal" threat card by its own admission, let alone Codpiece Cox's assessment that the actual backstop locks Blighty into a deal forever i.e. removes the No Deal threat card.

Spelman's tactical blunder - which she attempted to withdraw when the implications became clear but couldn't because the Remainer MP's had already signed it - sound the recall, anyone!? - means "No deal" and "May's deal" are dead and a negotiation trap respectively.

The legal implications of going with May's deal and then tearing it up in the backstop if the EU doesn't play ball just worsened for Blighty. Lawyers for the EU could argue Blighty's own parliament voted for permanent deal relations with the EU of their own volition without any pressure from the EU, on top of actually signing May's WA with backstop.

Surely Norway and Remain are the only options now?


Can we just be clear that these votes in the Commons are not legally binding? The only legal undertaking is to leave on March 29th. Of course, the government could legislate to change the date. No MP wants them to that, because there would have to be a vote and the Remainers don't want to stand up and vote for it.

Well, BOE, the referendum wan't legally binding either.

Funny how "binding" has a bit of flex when the binding is in your favour but not when it's not, eh!?

Besides, anything on the statute books can be revoked. If the accession to the EU can be revoked then so can any secession.


"Surely Norway and Remain are the only options now?"

More so, they offer the quickest and most reliable exits: Norway offers a 1 year exit, and Remain offers a 2 year exit. If Blighty chooses to Remain, which it can do per the ECJ ruling late last year, then the current negotiation is cancelled and immediately after the cancellation Blighty can Brexit again, and a new negotiation begins with "No deal" back on the table to be concluded in 2 years. If Blighty chooses Norway++ then the exit is 1 year, as said.

So Norway and Remain are the quickest and most advantageous Brexits left on offer.

How bizarre?!

Better get behind them then, eh Gaffer?! xox


I didn't say the 2016 referendum was legally binding. The government of the day said they would accept the result. In the election of 2017 85% of the votes were cast for Lab/Con on a manifesto of accepting the referendum result. I quite understand that no parliament is bound by an earlier parliament. So - let's have an in/out vote in the Commons so we can see who says what. By the way, I understand the Norwegians have already said piss off!

Loz, ye cannae beat the charge of the White Brigade at Waterloo and the victory for the Duke of Boots. Sorry about Picton!

I love the bit where Picton asks the Scots colonel to fill the gap left by Bijlandt's routed Dutch Brigade, and he replies, "Ayyye Pic, we'll do all the work while your boys come up later", and Pic retorts, "You rascal, get up there, damn your eyes" or similar.

A glorious hat tip to English Scots banter! I believe a lot of the script was derived from actual quotes and exchanges made on the day, I wonder if this was one of them?

Anyway, it's at the beginning of this longer clip ...


Well, Gaffer.

The good Lord has taken your plight to heart and offered you one last chance!

Vote number three on May's deal next week. When Henry Vth said, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends" even he wasn't thinking three times.

FFS, when are Dad's Army and the Paddies going to realize the situation, rein-in, and turn to clinch the only Brexit on offer!?

And you must surely admit, Blighty has the only person in the political establishment with strategic foresight and infinite guts and resolution in charge.

I wonder if she will go the whole hog and sacrifice herself for the victory of the central position? If Remainers who voted for her first and second time start peeling away sensing Norway++ and Remain back on the table, Dad's Army alone won't swing it. However, if she offers to resign if the vote is won, Labour and countless other scum will no doubt vote for it to further their political ambitions. And she will have taken the central position with her Brexit and destroyed both flanking enemy armies of "No deal" and "Remain".

Phew, this is meat-grinder and nail-biter, a hot-air Waterloo for sure.



"There is no dishonour in backing the May deal on the third try."

AEP, the DT's "cry-wolf doom-monger", has nailed it.

Dad's Army and the Paddies didn't have time to read the "silent acquiescence" of the EU in their Luxembourg climb down in time for the lat vote! Jeez, well they are a bit slow, what with being Seniors and Paddies we should forgive them.

And JRM will apparently have done Blighty a favour, no less: "One might infer that the EU had not been offering this legal guarantee before, and therefore that Jacob Rees-Mogg and his followers were right to demand better terms. For this the nation owes them a debt of gratitude." Well I'll go with that if it spares a few blushes.

So, maybe Teflon Theresa doesn't have to attach herself to the lead column of the third assault and leave her mortal remains on the field of glory after all?

If I were her I'd send the boys in a third time on their own to see if AEP is right, and if not, then a fourth time with myself at the head of the column.

Am I the only one who finds this utterly, utterly absorbing?! And admires beyond measure von Clausewitz and his "War is the continuation of politics by other means" adage as it is corroborated before our very oggling eyes?


Certainly more absorbing than the usual. The US and UK are both going through major transformations caused, at root, by globalization. The similarities and differences are really too mind-boggling to follow, but it's fun to try.

Did you know your old pal Nick Clegg is out in California squealing PR for the nasty Peeping Toms at Facebook? Breaking up tech companies is begining to be discussed over here. Facebook is the most prime example why.

Just seen the DT for the first time since this morning: All the worms are turning like AEP now, pussies the lot of 'em!

Liam Halligan, Jeremy Warner, Fraser Nelson, all giving their angles on why we should take May's deal and how she might be about to win an "unlikely victory" - Fraser Nelson's words. Super-pussy of them all he is, paid to spot this sort of thing and when he misses it he calls it "unlikely" - tosser!

After slagging of her strategy, her deal, and her herself it's going to be fun watching the DT crew ducking and diving to explain why they got it so wrong.

When the supposedly disasterous backstop kicks in that they banged on about, and instead of Armageddon a zillion quids worth of investment from all corners of the earth lands in Northern Ireland as the only place in the world that has dual access to UK and EU single markets, they'll surely be handed their P45's?

'bout time the DT hired yours truly who laid it all out in digital ink on D&N over a year ago when Teflon Theresa started her speed march into the central position with the pre-deal agreement? I am available for a price greater than or equal to dicking around with Microsoft software day and night. And volume is not an issue, as I'm sure you can all vouch.

By God that woman does war honour.


Och, be Jaysus! Spare a billion for NI Paddy, will yez?

So the DUP are trying to milk Hammond for another billion to ease their way into voting for the deal.

Well I hope spreadsheet Phil tells 'em to stick it where the sun don't shine, coz their donors are getting right fed up with them pussy-footing around and want a deal ...

"One source suggested that she is under pressure from party backers and one told The Sun: 'The donors have turned off the taps. They want a deal'. "

Doity, doity, bastards so they are! No surrender, Phil, nooooooooo prisoners!


Nooooooo prisoners ...

... I will shoot any man with pity in his heart ...


"Am I the only one who finds this utterly, utterly absorbing?!"


Loz, the DUP are doing their best to get money for the NI public service. Sinn Fein are dwelling on poverty, continual moaning and taking Ireland back to the Catholic Earls.

Jimmy, they won't need public services in NI if Blighty signs May's deal and we go into the backstop.

The Don will buy the place, and every Paddy north of the border will have private healthcare and schools, an income for life, a retirement package that Junck-the-Drunk would envy, and there won't be any need for social services coz they'll all be rolling in it. The new Switzerland of Europe and the world.

And the west coast of bonny Scotland will do very nicely too, on the assembly and other services for goods sent over the Irish channel and back again from NI businesses.


Charles "the Talking Pussy" Moore lays the ground for the retreat of the hard Brexiteers ...

"It is better, as one Cabinet minister puts it, to leave the casino now, with only a few chips, rather than stay on and lose the lot."

There is one important difference between a Double-Cannae and a Manoeuvre of the Central Positon: In a DC the outcome is completely decisive. The army in the nutcracker is annihilated. The Carthaginians took about 4 hours to chop and slice their way through the surrounded Romans at the Battle of Cannae after the DC had done its job. No prisoners.

However, in an MCP the separate wings of the defeated army get to retreat down their supply lines. Finest example being Austerlitz ...

So the loser by MCP lives to fight another day, as Charles "the Talking Pussy" Moore observes: With that handful of chips the Brexiteers can regroup, reconstruct, and have another go, and likewise the Remainers on the other wing.

So with regards yours truly, it's endless, endless "Game of Drones"!

Hehehe! :-)


"Did you know your old pal Nick Clegg is out in California squealing PR for the nasty Peeping Toms at Facebook?"

Bonaparte famously said, "Don't give me good generals, give me lucky ones". Well "Calamity Clegg" (I think we used to call him in Dave Cam's coalition) is someone you'd never want on your side in politics or war, being, as he is, a bad and unlucky general.

The day after he joins Facebook as their PR rep what happens? Facebook live-streams a massacre to the whole bloody planet!!!

Give him to the enemy, a sort of perfectly gormless, self-immolating Trojan horse.


I've never seen the "war by other means" path traveled any farther. On the WWW it's most often paired with "geoeconomics", which makes a lot of sense.

Well of all the pussy u-turns in the world of pussy u-turns this is the most awesome of all thus far ...

Janet Daley, erstwhile hard-Brexit fire-breathing dragon, just spluttered out! she is now 100% behind SoD's hard-Remain position: "Stay in, and due your duty kicking Froggie and Jerry arse".

Well who'd a thunk it, eh?! Jacob Rees-Mogg for EU President next, maybe!


Oh. My. God.

Is Teflon Theresa about to be Bercowed? ...

Or will the merest extra smudge of ink on the document since the last time Bercow saw it suffice for it to have a third airing in Halitosis House?

Is it a Remainer trick to ensure Blighty doesn't even get May'd deal Brexit?

Jeez, this is the Battle of Tourcoing alright. The two flank armies fought like a pair of tigers to get back together with the enveloped Duke of York in the central position.

Phew what a scorcher!


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