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Wednesday, 06 March 2019


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Mini Mac wants "One Ring to Rule Them All". Something about history repeating itself.

"At the centre, naturellement, would be those nations who use the euro"

Excellent! I'm sure the Greeks will appreciate their seat at the top table with their friends the Germans!

A multi-speed EU already exists ...

A multi-speed Blighty already exists with part-devolution and different states of independence with varied rights and obligations in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England vs Westminster.

There's no saying that a one speed or a multi-speed union works or doesn't work. It's like saying a "Double-Cannae" works better than a "Manoeuvre of the Central Position" or vice versa, rubbish. It all depends on the relative power in the centre vs the two flanks of each opponent as to whether a D-C or MotCP is better of worse.

And "better or worse"? Wtf does that mean? For who? The individual citizens a.k.a. the third estate i.e. "me-me-me"? Or the "we-we-we" of nationalist morons or the "we-we-we" of centralist morons, both of whom stopped thinking of themselves as individuals almost from the day they were born?

There is no constant "better or worse" for the individual in a single speed or multi-speed governance, other particulars in each specific case define what the third estate's experience will be, good or bad.

What does matter always is that there are two layers of governance so they fight each other and expose their wrong-doings. That way "me-me-me" gets to hear of the corruption, malfeasance, abuse, et al in the upper and lower layers of governance and can take some evasive action.


That's a stroke of luck! Macron is suggesting what SoD's favourite prime minister is going to get us. So, we'll all be happy together.

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