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Tuesday, 12 March 2019


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Trouble is, we can only kick her out if we kick the Tories out. There is, apparently, no time for a leadership election. And if we kick the Tories out, who do we get?

Mrs May is far from stupid. She is an honest hardworking woman. The Europeans she has to deal with are abysmal, and would never behave so badly to her, and to our nation, if she were male. We all see her, thanks to TV news, day after day defending her case against the Eurocraps, and also against the Corbanite clowns. She must have the worst political job on earth, reviled by all of her opponents, and yet holding her, and our own positions with supreme dignity. As if that wasn’t enough, she has to put up with your puerile (look it up) backstabbing, pathetically disguised as wit. Once upon a time, until today actually, I would like and admire your work. It’s coincidental that our career paths seem to parallel in an uncanny way. I thought I discerned a fellow soul. But now mine eyes have been opened in a most Pauline manner, where I saw falsehood, I thought I saw truth. Where I saw crap I thought I saw wit and so on. Goodby.

Oi, Melia, I'm the house troll here, alright? On yer bike, son.

Now, Gaffer, how come you want an election rather than another referendum then, eh? "Mob-rule by plebiscite" was true democracy when it went your way, and now the second plebiscite looms large and you look like losing it, suddenly representative democracy looks like your better option!



May's gone for a free vote tomorrow. The old Remainer wolf in sheep's clothing just let her bushy grey tail flop out into plain view!

Her reserves are marching onto the field of glory.

You should've slapped her hand and taken the deal. I would've taken the piss and called you a pussy for a couple of months, but you'd have got the only Brexit deal you'll ever be offered.

For you Tommy, ze vorr is over.


The people voted to leave and not to have a deal. The deal is a diversion for the remainers which they will not vote for. Democracy is now dead in Britain.

Melia, old chap, people will take you more seriously (yes really^) if you learn how to spell.

(^ no, actually they won't. A more off target summary of Mays' efforts would be hard to find, even in the Graun)

Er… Lawrence,

No nation has EVER submitted to the terms which the Maybot was prepared to accept without being defeated in a war. May's deal was/is TOTALLY unacceptable - even to Corbyn's bunch.

What's wrong with trading on WTO terms? It might not be ideal, but it would be by far the lesser of the two evils, not least because the Anglosphere plus the Commonwealth will be lining up to do business with us.

Anyway, cheer up. Treaty of Versailles part deux, complete with punitive reparations could still happen and hey, you may get to wear that blue and yellow armband yet!

I always thought Britain has a parliamentary government. When did you chaps become a direct democracy?


"[H]ow come you want an election rather than another referendum then, eh?"

If as I might offer in 'Call Me Dave's' unalterable phrase, "If we left the European Union, it would be a one-way ticket, not a return."

That is, One-Way SoD - NOT May-Way.

Carry on.

Dear Peter Melia

Goodby (sic). Please don't slam the door on your way out.

Richard, Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks vote yesterday has almost guaranteed that I'll be wearing the EU armband with pride in due course. The referendum cometh!

Y'all had your chance and blew it.

If you don't believe me try William Hague, he of "Burning building" prescience and fame ...

Or Asa Bennett at the DT ...




From the comments threads of those two articles... 1) from the one written by Hague:

Peter Hirsch 11 Mar 2019 9:41PM

The WA is not Brexit: not nearly Brexit. We must take the only option that leads to Leave. Unfortunately it means no deal - until we have left and are seen as never going to need to return.
Then there will be a trade deal.

2) From the one written by Asa Bennett:

W M Gould 13 Mar 2019 10:23AM

Et Tu Asa?
Have you put your brain(if you had any in the 1st place ) where the sun does not shine?
May's surrender document is not Brexit; it is not even BRINO!
And how on earth can you blame Brexiteers for last night's vote?
You should in fact be congratulating them for standing up to democracy and the will of 17.4m people.
Besides, not all who voted against May's dreadful surrender document are Brexiteers, or have you conveniently ignored this fact.

PS Lawrence, You still haven't told us why a WTO Brexit would be worse than May's twice rejected (thrice rejected of you include Chequers) dog's breakfast of a deal.


The WA isn't Brexit, correct, but it paves the way to Brexit in two ways: -

1. Screw the EU in the backstop using points 17-23 of Codpiece Cox's report from December last year, as I've described repeatedly here on D&N.

2. Tear up the backstop and throw the bits of paper in the face of the EU in 2 years time when all the trade deals have been prepared with US, China, Common Wealth, etc. - or during the backstop if these agreements take longer. No-one will blame Blighty for doing this and whether the backstop was legal or not in Article 50 will be argued forever, with lawyers if necessary.

Those were your only two options for Brexit. It required your people, Dad's Army, to vote for May's WA. You didn't. You made your bed. Lie in it.

For you Tommy, ze vorr iz over.



Tonight's vote means the end of the Conservatives as the constituency members are now going to desert en-masse with the result that the party will be permanently split. Once that has happened, Agent Cob, mindful of the fact that Blighty's membership of the EUSSR kills his ambitions to turn it into a Marxist utopia stone dead, will drop all pretence of supporting Remain like the proverbial hot coal. What happens after that is anybody's guess, but my prediction is that the next general election will be the last meaningful one.

Enjoy the victory but be advised that it will rapidly turn to ash in you and your fellow Remainers' mouths... and that is one prediction you can take to the Bank.

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