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Saturday, 09 March 2019


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Saturday morning coffee always tastes best. But sugar?? Please no!

Oh yes, Whiters, I take sweeteners in my tea but for my morning coffee it has to be 'the real thing'!

Good coffee is brewed with arabica beans and the cleanest water you can find. Nothing else is added. Ever.

I've probably seen upwards of 40 Sargent paintings and remembered 1 that wasn't a portrait. Even though he was also known for landscapes, he did relatively few along with some flowers and animals. Mr. Sargent evidently disliked the idea of starving artists. These are worth whiling away some time with:

Richard III? Basely slandered by the Tudors' top propagandist. The definitive account is here:

Bob, do stop being such a purist!

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