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Saturday, 16 March 2019


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So, David, this is not rhetorical: Has it crossed your mind yet that maybe Brexit just wasn't such a great idea in the first place?

Too little. Too fricking late

I agree with the Gaffer, schlock horror!

Every one of the Remainers that goes will be replaced by a reluctant, but nevertheless reliable, May's deal voter.

Love irony too, meeeeooooow, purrrr, purrrr!


Bob - NO!

David - YES!

SoD - off!

We'll be fully out in time. Looks like I'll take a General election or two, but I'll happen.
Public opinion has been moving against the EU for decades and not just in Britain. The economies of the eurozone countries have been stagnant for a decade, except for Germany and there are signs of that economy slowing.
Whatever is stitched up in the next few months it will no longer be possible for large British companies to get favours out of the commission, so they'll economise on lobbyists and then turn against the EU.
Pity it wasn't done quickly and cleanly, but here we are.
Let us hope that not too many people notice that Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams methods were more effective than those of Alan Skedd and Nigel Farage.

The 1688 Glorious Revolution was indeed Glorious. It was followed by the Enlightenment. Leaving the corrupt Mafia EU would indeed be enlightening.

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