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Saturday, 23 March 2019


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HRC never said "deplorables" were the white working-class. That is Republican spin. But the remark, added to many other mistakes, was so stupid she deserved what she got. Trump is undoubtedly a hero to some. So was GHW Bush. So was Jimmy Carter.

Watch the friction Bob. Meaning the atmospheric type.

Spin however you will but friction needs not shed light.


So you're saying everyone in the white working class is racist, sexist, homophobic, and so on? That seems unfair.


I should point out that both the presidents I named above were voted out after 1 term.

No Bob,

Just half. Only a half could possibly fit into a basket.

Anything more and it would take a peck.

JK and Bob, being white working class, racist, homophobic and sexist is just a natural human condition. You could be black working class!

Aye Jimmy there is that.

Since the Muellar report dropped, the left has lost what little mind they had. So far they are consumed with what color their candidates are or what features of anatomy are between their legs. No candidate is pro America. They are pro 'Progressive" which is to say Marxist. This week, a British University disinvited noted speaker Prof. Jordan Peterson. A popular book store chain in New Zealand bans Peterson's very popular new book "12 Steps". This mindless lashing out is a daily occurrence. Trump's successes have caused the liberals to finally engage in The Great Reveal. They show signs of Tourrets Syndrome every time Trump wins or fight back against them.

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