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Tuesday, 26 March 2019


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Maybe the path back to freedom runs first through Marxism? The Left will take to the streets to get what it wants. They count on the Right being 'orderly'.

Grieve/Bercow/Cooper 1-0 Democracy

But I thought it didn't matter so long as Blighty was run from Westminster and only by Blightians?

What happened to "He might be a bast*rd, but at least he's our bast*rd" then, eh?!

And coo, swipe me, look at this! ...

"Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he will now likely back Theresa May's deal".

Here, pussy-pussy-pussy-pussy-pussy!


Don't fret, Gaffer, I wind you up to keep you on your wrinkly tooties, but I think you're going to get Theresa May's deal and I assure you, it ain't no BRINO.

Although I'm a Remainer, that little part of Johnny Rotten in me wants to see what chaos and realignments Blighty might be able to forge in the backstop. You really should read Codpiece Cox's points 17-23 "From the EU perspective" in his legal report from December last year ...

The person whose time is coming is Michael "The B*stard" Gove (of this manor) ...

He's been playing a quiet waiting game, like a big cat in the bushes wiggling its arse and swishing its tail in preparation to pounce on the passing prey.

He will make the EU rue the day they gaffed and allowed points 17-23 into the deal.

Chin up - we'll be fighting together on the same side again soon enough now JRM has buckled and I've called him (and you) a pussy a few more times!

xox SoD

There's a worse fate even than Marxism/Leninism. That's when we have a government with enough far-left idiots to make life really unpleasant, but which has been hijacked by a majority of left-centrist Europhile technocrats to keep us bumbling along without massive revolt. If Corbyn gets in, there isn't enough common sense in his faction to run anything. He'll need the other besuited shits to run things for him.

I hope some really nasty riots kick off as a result of this. Britain now needs to become very much harder to govern. The very lease we can do is to tactically vote in order to destroy the Tories.

So Parliament has seized control from May. From 30,000 feet it only looks like more stalling.

If I'd called my dad a pussy he would have broken my nose. David, you should get revenge by willing your property to a shelter for homeless Bolsheviks or some such. See what your trolling has gotten you?

Opinion polls show Corbyn as vastly less popular than May. Yes they are both well in negative territory.
I don't see May as Tory leader for much longer, and it is doubtful whether the wreckers will be reselected.
With a new leader the Tories will beat Labour. But expect third parties to rise.I
As to Brexit, that will be easy if the commons decides on it, virtually impossible otherwise.
Oh and there needs to be a challenge to the Speaker's seat.

It's going to be a damn close run thing, but if TT, JRM and the Paddies can just squeak it in before the parliamentary steamroller softens the whole thing to Norway++, there's a fighting chance for May's Deal.

Everyone in the office is talking about property in Northern Ireland just now. There's a chappie whose brother sold half his buy-to-let portfolio recently due to HMG making the whole thing less attractive. Several of the properties were in NI - he bitterly regrets those divestments, and he's frantically trying to see if he can grab a few more with the proceeds of the other sales.

You've got to admit, from a sheer entertainment point of view, Blighty in May's Deal and the backstop is going to be the sort of ride we Love - full of Action Jackson!

Lordy, I see the Game of Thrones finale season is about to put its face in. Low priority Mr Martin, I'm afraid. I'll watch it on catch-up later.



Friends of your's?

Chasing cheese.

It"s a metaphor for something JK, but I'm not sure what!


On Saturday morning we are going to wake up in a new country - The United Provinces of Limbo.

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