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Wednesday, 27 March 2019


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The original was conceived and executed long ago in an imitation of Archie Bunker:

"YOU CAN’T HUMILIATE THE SHAMELESS: The implosion of the collusion theory is a humiliation for everyone who promoted it."

Will they learn from this? No. This is who and what they are. Emotionally defective and mentally unstable.

Donald Trump has more character and integrity than those yellow journalists and others pushing this hoax.

Whitewall, Trump from the onset of his election is for his country. He could get a third term! Unfortunately many British politicians want to support the new emerging EU Empire who want a potential new military force. The USA are very important in what is developing.

Samizdata nails it for me:

Thanks for the lack of warning. And there went my breakfast!

Sorry about that, Steve, but I'm sure your keyboard will be OK when it dries out!

Glesga, we seem to be stuck right here:
Democrats in 2015: Everyone must accept results of the election

Democrats day after the election 2016: We do not accept the results of the election

Democrats 2017: Everyone must accept findings of the Mueller report

Democrats 2019: We do not accept findings of Mueller report

Yes Trump is for his country. The opposition party, with a few hold outs, has drifted to just the opposite.

Well said, Whiters!

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