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Monday, 04 March 2019


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Governments become so big and so self absorbed that they eventually resent being bothered by the voters. Governments are arrogant, and then dismissive of those they govern. Some voters resent this. I hope to see a "European Spring" soon. The ruling elites have earned what they get.

There's no need to put the C-word in quotes. Mrs. May's government is truly conservative, in that it wishes to maintain our current vassalage with regard to Europe. These days, it's the patriots who are truly radical and revolutionary.

W, Always.

But this is exactly what you wanted?!

How's that "They may be corrupt, useless bastards, but at least they're our bastards" going for you now, eh?!

I don't know for sure, but the kind of market distorting, anti-competitive subsidies and handouts, aka bribery, planned by Blighty's government might well be illegal under EU competition laws.

Wouldn't it be great if a higher level of governance and oversight - one designed by Mrs T - was there to keep Westminster honest? On March 29th it won't be - due to YOU.

Two bullies in the playground always better than one if you don't want to be bullied, 'n' all that ...


you would have made a top notch colonial governor in a prior age.

Don't worry SoD, in a few weeks we shall have reached the happy state of being in the EU and not being in the EU at the same time. Unfortunately, Mrs Thatcher is long gone and the Tories have returned to their pre-Thatcher state.

Here you go, now you've kicked off the Paddies ...

I'll tell ya summat, if I was still in the forces and they said they were sending me to NI I'd tell 'em to far cough and do my time in the slammer as a conscientious objector.


Loz, 14 August 1969 - 14 August 2019! 50 Years since British troops were deployed in NI. Google Royal British Legion Op Banner 50.

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