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Sunday, 10 March 2019


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"The Germans of the 1930s had some slight excuses for voting for Hitler but today's Brits and Americans have none."

Only a mad allegiance to the religion of Leftism. Social and cultural rot. People can vote themselves into Leftism. They will have to shoot their way out.

Matthew Continetti's storyline is one we'll be reading and hearing all year. The party line is that the only Democrats that matter are Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders, and a few others that, it is wrongly assumed, want to turn the US into the USSR. It might work, it might not.

Omar is indeed outspoken. She's also extremely critical of the Obama administration:

In general, Continetti's piece is a study in hypocritical whataboutism. He makes no mention of things like Trump's claim the white nationalists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville included some "very fine people", or his long use of Jewish stereotyping:

"Omar is indeed outspoken. She's also extremely critical of the Obama administration".

So not all bad then, Bob!

Fairness in demagoguery is part of out 1st amendment rights, David.

But then the Green nit wit tried to walk it back claiming the media got it wrong. They played back her comments for her and it was for her a fail. Hugely!

IIRC the Charlottesville clusterf*ck was due to a peaceful protest being cooped by some uninvited radicals. Cue the nazis (antifa) to add to the mix and the predictable outcome. I read President Trump’s comment as referring to the people who were demonstrating peacefully and were the only group who had a permit for a demo.

Yes Bob, President Trump has Jewish grandchildren and actually fulfilled the hitherto empty promise of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. For an anti-Semite he sucks at it

"The 'Trannies', that is, the ones with balls, have snuck up on them and inveigled their way into athletics."

The only fair way to solve this dilemma of trans athletes having a testosterone-fuelled advantage is to insist that they all participate in the paralympics. After all, depending on the progress of their transition, they are either penile amputees or men struggling with a serious mental illness.

Timbo, I didn't claim he's an anti-Semite, only that he's not above playing to them. He'd probably say some of his best friends are Jewish on top of having the grandchildren. That he comes from a bigoted background and says bigoted things is beyond dispute. Did you read the link, or just dismiss it as fake news? And btw, if you think antifa is another name for Nazi you are very confused.


David, do you consider yourself a schmuck? My guess is "no".

Bob, do you not think that Antifa are a fascist organization? Doesn’t matter what they call themselves, look at how they act.

Compared to several Jews I know by reputation, yes, Bob, I'm a 'schmuck'!

Whitewall, you are correct about shooting our way out if only we can provided we are not disarmed. The left and Islamists seem to be comfortable in their alliance. The left being as stupid as they normally are being in alliance with people who would wipe them out.

The militant females of the new socialist juvenocracy in the House are wearing the carcass of the old Democratic Party like a skin suit.


Since the Jews are so smart maybe you'll believe them:

"These violent counter-protesters are often members of the “antifa” (short for “antifascist”), a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements."


Fine, David, as long as you don't think you're a putz with ears.

Some are feeling it now. Freedom for the people vs communism for the people courtesy of the State...collision coming.

I have the best words. Beautiful. Disgusting. Disgrace. Hoax witch hunt. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. I've got a great brain. We have the worst laws. I will surround myself only with the best and most serious people. She was bleeding from her eyes. We're going to be saying Christmas again. I would give myself an A+. And nobody knows what a community college is. No collusion.

not all Jews are particularly bright

I'll drink to that. I spent 34 years in uniform on a not very spectacular salary when I could have been making millions [if I was bright enough].


AussieD, I hope you were bright enough to change your uniform on a regular basis! Doing your Dobbie can be tedious.

G'day Glesga.

Just managed that bit. Mind you wearing whites was a pain as they picked up the dirt/dust/rust like a bloody magnet. Needed to change twice a day at times.

Whether this means American Jews are smarter could be disputed, but:

"Vast Majority of U.S. Jews Support Democrats, Disapprove of Trump, Poll Shows"

If you can't get past the paywall, 79% of the Jewish vote went to Democrats in 2018:

Jews did not get into money trading because they were smarter than Christians, but because Christians were stupider than Jews. Christian law forbade usury as a deadly sin, so Christians who needed money had no alternative but to borrow it from Jews.

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