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Sunday, 24 March 2019


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Well, I'm off for a day of bass fishing. David, you should try it!

What? In our 'Zummerzet' weather? Just remember, Whiters, I am an ultra, orthodox wimp!

Oh, the sublime and precious despair of Mr. Peter Hitchens! Vanity of vanities all is vanity! What a dork.

Spot on, Bob.

I didn't even read to the end of Hitchens' rambling diatribe. His mantras and incantations, a moan for this, a whinge for that, a protester's soppy banner tag line for the other, all sounds like the early day scribbles of the very super-dictator he predicts, a sort of "Mein Kampf-lite".

Parliament is being a perfect mirror to the hoi-polloi. The hoi-polloi engineered the situation by only marginally voting to leave and then only marginally voting to implement the decision by hanging the parliament in the last election.

Each faction of the hoi-polloi sees its reps in an associated minority of MP's in parliament, so that gradually the peeps are realising that they are all represented but none is a majority. Only a grand compromise with oodles of flexibility to change one's mind later, will work as a way forward.

For any one of the minorities to assert itself over the others: the no-dealers, the Canada++ers, the May's dealers, the Norway++ers, and the Remainers, would lead to disorder at best and bloodshed at worst. The hoi-polloi know this, the MP's know this, and everyone knows they are represented because the system is demonstrating the fact to them before their very eyes.

So the system is actually working. The chaos is an illusion. It is actually orderliness of the very highest order, as is all mathematical chaos.

And therefore Hitchens is wrong. There will be no Putin-esque figure. Only if parliament was obstructing the representation of a minority would the pre-requisites exist for such a figure's rise to power.

So sit tight. The central position will yield up a victor. Maybe Theresa May, maybe a successor. But so long as parliament remains entirely inclusive and performs its indicative self-assessments over the coming weeks, a reasonable, honourable to all, compromise will emerge. And the extremists will lose.



Good points all, and your expectation for an outcome seems likely. I'm a little surprised you think May can survive. She seems an irresistibly ripe sacrifice to the masses, though it's also difficult to imagine who would march into the meat grinder behind her. I'll predict a long cooling-down delay before anything substantive happens, though I should know better.

Why do you blame the commoners more than Cameron? No competent leader asks questions he doesn't already know the answers for, and there's a good reason why referenda are used so seldom.

a reasonable, honourable to all, compromise will emerge.

And here was I thinking that there was an election to decide what was to be done.

Sort of makes a mockery of the concept of Parliamentary Democracy - you know that quaint idea of the will of the people.

In my 56 years of eligibility to vote down here there have been results I did not favour but being the "will of the people" I put up with them and got on with life.

"should we hang them or burn them?" Yes.

Whitewall, hanging and burning is a bit extreme although the remainers would probably consider this for the majority of the leave who they consider to be stupid and not worthy of life. Democracy in the UK is now dirty and the EU remainers are at the forefront of this.

It's a state of affairs when its Bob 'n SoD combining to do the assess.

I am afraid, SoD, that the House of Commons does not represent the will of the people. The people voted to leave. What is so hard to understand about that?

Off topic. Veterans of the Parachute Regt are considering a boycott of the Remembrance Day parade.


What you don't get is that the will of the people who voted to leave need to tell us what leave they want - which they are steadfastly not doing thus far.

The Leavers are so like the Judean People's Front, the People's Front of Judea, and the Judean People's Popular Front (He's over there - we Love him!) it makes a mockery of mockery itself!

Look at the spectrum on offer, hard Leave at the top to Remain at the bottom ...

No Deal
May's Deal
Norway ++

4 out of 5 of those are Leave positions. And before you start rabbiting on about however many of them you consider to be BRINO please realise you are merely illustrating my point - splitters! No-one would doubt Dan Hannan's credentials as a Leaver, but he's Norway++ (or at least he was). So he spends most of his life now being abused by Leavers from the other factions on the spectrum. No-Dealers and Canada++ers would rather May's Deal than Norway++, and yet they hate the May's-Deal-ers; so their vitriol against Dan Hannan knows no bounds!

Factionalism in the Leave mass will be its own undoing. Dad's Army and the Country-Bumpkins are just too bloody-minded, wrinkly-stubborn, and irrevocably entrenched in their own shades of Leave. And thank Gawd for that.

Factionalism, especially in the wrinkly generations throughout history has probably spared humanity untold oppression. It's one of those natural counter-authoritarianism forcers, which, along with the constructed ones like separation of powers, democracy, freedom of speech, means that Orwell was wrong when he said, "Imagine a boot; stamping on the face of humanity - forever". Won't happen. He should have said, "Imagine many boots, stamping on each other forever - leave them to it and try to avoid them". Doesn't have quite the same ring to it I grant you, but essentially the battle cry of the Libertarian.

Viva the PFJ, JPF, and the JPPF (he's over there) - we Love y'all!

Oh come on, you know you want to ...


Not only the right has concerns about democracy. A petition to revoke article 50 has broken all records. So far Parliament has not responded:

And there were somewhere around a million people in the streets on Saturday for the Put it to the People march.

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