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Sunday, 03 March 2019


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Here's a SoD rumble to add to the list ...

Fluffbun's colleague arrived at the office this week a bit shaken. He'd been waiting at Aldershot station and overheard a conversation that a group of nasty looking teenage boys were having. The conversation subject was about what it would be like if they stabbed a pregnant woman.

There's so much to say about that, and also nothing to say. It just stands on its own, with its own narrative and nothing more needing added.


I always thought that the Guardian Reading Classes would prevent us leaving the EU. But I didn't imagine that they would contrive to leave us stuck half in and half out.

"As an example of a total lack of leadership qualities, she stands supreme and will deserve that place in our history books."

Teflon Theresa has wiped the floor with hard Brexiteers and Remainers alike.

Her manoeuver of the central position should be taught in political and military curricula as a master class in strategy, courage, and determination.

From this half-in-half-out position Blighty can choose either direction as opportunities arise, or stay put causing pain or pleasure to the EU as the situation demands.

I still contend Blighty could've done that equally well by Remaining, given the new political tapestry of empowered blocs: Nordics, Baltics, Ost Bloccers, Club Medders, and a pervasive anti-EU sentiment in the great unwashed and their nationalist pols. So many dimensions for a "Perfidious Albion" to bustle in.

But the middle four squares of any chessboard are a good place to be in all circs.

Besides, what is passing now was just the "divorce deal". The real negotiations begin next i.e. the actual "new deal". Canada++, Norway--, and any other deal are all on the table. Reference "No deal", the backstop works more in Blighty's favour than the EU, as you'll discover if you read points 17-23 in the government's legal document. But even if Blighty tore up the backstop deal and went its own way, who would blame us? A decent story could easily be contrived that would keep lawyers busy for decades. And Remain is still on the cards: At any point Blighty if chose to rejoin would the EU object? I don't think so.

The middle is connected to all the parts. Good place to be. Watch and shoot from the central four squares of the chess board. Nice one TT.


"American businessman who is accused of organising sex parties..."
If they have to be organized, then they ain't much of a party. That's my story anyway.

Ah, see, there's a Libertarian in you after all Whiters, just bursting to come out! :-)


SoD, any bursting on my part will have to be measured...
A party of this sort should have a 'seniors bracket'.

Once the Don has squared away Kim Wrong-Un and the Chinks (that'd be a great name for a punk band, wouldn't it, "Kim Wrong-Un and the Chinks"?), it's the next show down I'm really looking forward to.

I really hope he takes Merkel apart and buries her body at sea somewhere near the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

It is a security matter, as the Don says. The Jerries are always a security matter. And the Jerries plus the Rooskies together in a pact is beyond the security matter zone and into the "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - that's what kicked off WW2" extreme security matter zone.

Another 10% on top of whatever tariff he is considering for Jerry automobiles for starters, a sort of NS2 security tax, plus sanctions against all the companies in the NS2 consortium. That'd hurt the Jerries real bad.

The funny thing is, it will be Junck-the-Drunk and his Brussels coterie fighting alongside Blighty and the Yanks vs the Jerries and Rooskies.

Question is: Will Teflon Theresa throw her lot in with the Don and Juncker and cancel or sanction the Anglo-Dutch contractor Royal Dutch Shell from the NS2 consortium, or stick by NS2 and cozy up to the Jerries and Rooskies?

This is a no-brainer, of course. The strategic security matter trumps all. Blighty's solidarity will be a card to play in the negotiations with the Don and Junck on future trade deals too. So while she might play coy for a while, I think she'll come good when the two prices have been exacted.

See, bobbing about in the English channel, neither in nor out, does have its advantages.


David, at least give us a photo of the 'crumble'!

Bernie Sandernista was robbed by HRC last time and I think he either wants it all or at least be king-or queen-maker.

The biggest differences between Sanders and Corbyn: Sanders is Jewish and Corbyn is somewhat credibly anti-semitic. Most of Sanders' policy ideas are supported by a majority of Americans.

Liz Warren will probably not be the nominee because of her age and schoolmarm-like manner. It's doubtful very many care about the Indian heritage controversy except right wing opinion writers and Trump cultists.

Speaking of 'more rumbles later' David,

Something I've been meaning to inform you about, and it's being in the realm of your predicting stuff:

There now, you're not "always wrong" - don't know how you're gonna pay for it all though. Still, cheaper than more F-35s I'd admit.

"It's doubtful very many care about the Indian heritage controversy except right wing opinion writers and Trump cultists." And those few people who actually care about politicians lying through their teeth. Not you, Bob, I suppose!

I keep telling you, JK, always pay attention to an ex-Corporal when considering strategy!

David, please name a politician who hasn't lied. It's part of the job description.

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