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Saturday, 02 March 2019


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It is reported that Napoleon said "I'd rather have lucky generals than good ones"

President Trump is lucky in the quality of his opponents. When the Republicans controlled the House of Reps, he got little or no help. But now the Democrats are in charge and out come the idiots!

That's what happens when the USSR is no longer around. Something has to replace it. Trump has caused the "Democratic" Party and all their supporters throughout the institutions to finally reveal themselves. Easy route to 2020?

Hardly ever has a president failed to gain a second term. The exceptions either involved a weak, pessimistic President, not something Trump can be accused of, or a serious third party run.
I doubt if any Den can beat him unless there is a serious third party challenger that appeals to republicans.


I notice you've changed the 'Dem' to 'Den' ...

May I suggest the name-change you were searching for is 'Din'?

As in (noun) a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise, and since it's only by action they'll have a hoot'n hell's chance for 2020 by action (verb) make someone learn or remember something by constant repetition.

Dinocrats not to be confused with Rinoplicans.

Love it JK, sadly goes to autocorrect

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